6 Things you need on your website

Keep It Simple Stupid… Duh! Your footer will likely have a lot of info, and you don’t want to overwhelm with a complicated design too!

Website vs Instagram Battle Time!

Website vs instagram battle time Read my last blog post on why you need a website and still think having a website is outdated and your business doesn’t need one??? Well keep reading for the ultimate WEBSITE vs INSTAGRAM battle to see which one wins! *hint hint* I may be slightly rooting for the websites on this […]

Why YOU need a website! Yes you do!

5 REASONS WHY YOU (YES YOU) NEED A WEBSITE… NOW! I love chatting to like-minded people and coaches on here and one thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately is “Oh I don’t need a website, Instagram does enough” or “Instagram is all the promotion I need”… Well, that’s just not true! While Instagram and Facebook are great […]

Web Statistics that will help your business

You want to help your business thrive in 2020? Take a look at these stats and you’ll see just how important your website is for your business, how you can help it BE more helpful (help you grow) and of course, get it working better for you. GoGlobe covers: Design statistics Behavioural trends for 2020 […]

how to make it in 2019 – without having to change you

Are you sick of hearing about how to make 2019 ‘the best year EVER’ yet? I am… today is my first full (as full as I get 10.30-2.30) working week, because of school, inset days, childcare etc. trying to work around children is just not the same as quietly sitting at your desk. Sophia likes […]

Reasons your small business needs a website

Are you a small business owner? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want people to find your business even while you sleep?? A website today is an intrinsic part of a business, and I feel I can confidently say that about pretty much any business out there. Even if it is just […]