Why YOU need a website! Yes you do!


I love chatting to like-minded people and coaches on here and one thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately is “Oh I don’t need a website, Instagram does enough” or “Instagram is all the promotion I need”

Well, that’s just not true!

While Instagram and Facebook are great for networking and sharing your business, they don’t work the same as a website.

Anyone has the ability to set up and Instagram account and send out messages, however, not everyone is capable of achieving a high quality, sleek, and professional website that showcases your business’ best assets and proves YOUR worth to potential clients!

Are you with me yet??


so... what are the reasons?

  1. Brand Credibility ☑️

“Where is your official website?”- This is the first question you will hear when you tell people about your business. And its the first thing people will think when they hear about it!

Over 30% of clients won’t even consider a business if it doesn’t have a website!!! 

A website gives proof that you are a professional company and shows a client your are dedicated to your business. After all, anyone is capable of making a social media account!

  1. Accessibility⚠️

This leads me to my next point… Believe it or not, not everyone uses Instagram or Facebook!

Whenever it comes to engaging with a business, over 63% of customers use a company’s official website.

Your website is a 24/7 brochure of who you are, what services you sell, and how they can contact you. So you’d be crazy not to have one! 

Along with this, it is a fully customisable portfolio where you can show off your products and services in the best way possible, whether that be stunning images, video tutorials, links to PDFs, testimonials etc. The sky is the limit!

  1. Google search 🔍

A website gets you into Google’s search listings, thus making it easy for clients to find you!

Clients are smart. The very first thing they will do after they hear the name of your brand is google you.

If you have a website and have done its proper SEO, it will come in the top searches of Google and GET YOU NEW CLIENTS! (without you having to send tonnes of unanswered direct messages!)

  1. The Stats! 📊

Having a website gives you so much insight into your customers, content, and provides vital FEEDBACK on how to get the most of of these!

It will let you see your:

  • Number of regular visitors
  • Number of people who have visited your website only once (unique visitors).
  • Page views.
  • The number of people who left without reading the page they landed on (bounce rate).
  • Average time on site.

You can know your customer and how you can improve the user experience so that they stay on your site for longer!

  1. Competitors 💻

MOST (if not ALL) of your competitors already have websites!

They appear more CREDIBLE in the market, they have already built an initial level of trust with the audience, they are showcasing their products/services in the best way possible, and they are also benefiting from Google searches.

This could be you!!!!


Comment below if you already have a website or if you’re about to get one now!!!

For even more expert tips follow my Instagram or book in for a FREE 30 minute discovery call with me to talk about all your business and website goals to give you a road map to the future!!!

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