How to make sure your reputation is top notch

your reputation today is [almost] everything Do you keep a check on your online reputation? Do you even know why you should? Today I want to talk to you about all the ways you can make sure that your reputation is in good working order, no TOP NOTCH! Because although it isn’t quite everything, in […]

How to get more leads into your business

We all know the value of incoming enquiries. And everyone’s touting the next big thing in getting more sales. But for me, I was always stuck at the “getting enquiries” part of it. Do I cold email? Do I wait for them and will people to enquire? Do I hammer facebook and PEE off my […]

Growth Planning your 2024 book a call here! Knowing where you want to be, I found, is the easy bit… knowing the steps it takes to get there, is sometimes not so simple.  We get overwhelmed with what should take priority and what needs to be done that will actually make an impact! Should we focus on cold […]

A Guide to Success: How to Balance Parenthood and Business

summer holidays going with a 🤯🤯🤯 Me too. Fret not friend. Today I want to talk about how to balance parenthood and business. Cause it isn’t just about the [constant] school holidays, is it? They’re here, we love them, we want to spend time with them [sometimes 😂🍸 ] This summer has been a big […]

How to take charge of your reputation with Google reviews

Google reviews are more important than ever – they can actually make or break you. So today I’m talking to you about how to take charge of your online reputation with Google reviews. Because if you’re not in charge of them, who is?!? Build Trust and Credibility: Positive Google Reviews from satisfied customers help build […]

Get more sales with this one simple trick

Need more sales? Show me someone that doesn’t! Today I want to show you how to get more sales with one simple trick. Today is a video.  1 – its easier as I already recorded it 2 – sometimes its nice to have a chat and mix it up! I use this trick to grow […]

How to use marketing to get more business

Anyone else a little tired of the gloom. Not the weather, bloody hell the UK is WINNING at summer at the moment. And I’m LOOVING IT!  No, no. I’m talking about the news – and I don’t even watch it!  So I wanted to talk to you about marketing. Cause I feel that marketing is […]

How to be found on page one on Google

A lot of us want to be on page one on google but don’t have the budget! You’re not alone! So today I want to share with you how to be found on page one on Google without spending your life savings on it.  Our pockets are getting squeezed from every angle right now. And […]

Tip of the week Your Thank You Page

Optimising your online marketing to work harder for you in business is so important. We’re all running around like crazy people, trying to keep up with the Jones’ on Facebook, who are probably not anywhere near where Facebook is telling you they are…  But in order to keep your sanity, I wanted to share one […]