8 reasons to use the one day selling system (and how it will better your business)

want more time?

Who the hell doesn’t?!!? Today I’m talking about the One Day Selling System, and how it can better your business and free up time – in a single step! And I’m not even over exaggerating. It was something I bought to make things better for me and my business. 

Then I realised how much it can help other people, just like you!

It’s the one stop shop for saving me time and energy.

Cause let’s face it, the summer holidays are tapping us on the shoulder right now, today my dog diahorrea’d ALL OVER MY KITCHEN in the night (🤢 anyone want a dog?!!? She’s for sale!) and it made us late for forest school. Oh and the Manchester rain is making forest school washes so much fun (not at all).

So if you’re anything like me, if you can find something that will:

1: shave time off your things to do every day (sorry, this thing can’t wash the kids clothes)
2: Just do something for me and take it off my list

I’m all over it. I’ll buy it at whatever price you have! 

the reasons:

    1. A one stop shop: The One Day Selling System (ODSS) offers an all-in-one marketing platform that consolidates most of the tools and features you’ll use as a business owner on a day to day basis. Instead of managing multiple software applications or platforms, business owners can access everything they need from a single dashboard. This centralisation eliminates the need to switch between different systems, this saves soooooo much time, and energy and let’s be honest BRAIN POWER. Because it’s one system for all.

    2. Automation capabilities: ODSS provides robust automation features (does jobs for you automatically), allowing business owners to streamline repetitive tasks and workflows. For instance, you can automate lead generation (who doesn’t need this?!), follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and customer communications and on-boarding. By setting up automated sequences, business owners can focus on high-value activities while the platform handles routine tasks, saving time and energy.

    3. Marketing campaign efficiency: With ODSS, business owners can create and execute marketing campaigns more efficiently. The platform offers intuitive drag-and-drop website and funnel builders for creating landing pages, email templates, and more. This ease of use enables business owners to quickly design and launch campaigns without the need for extensive technical skills or external assistance. WINNER!

    4. Personalised and targeted marketing: ODSS allows you to deliver personalised and targeted marketing campaigns to your audience. By leveraging features like email sequencing, SMS broadcasts, and dynamic content, business owners can tailor their messaging based on customer preferences and behaviours. This personalisation enhances engagement and conversion rates, eliminating the need for generic mass marketing efforts. Another winner, I’d say.

    5. Streamlined customer management: ODSS includes a comprehensive CRM system that helps business owners effectively manage their leads and customers. Think of it as an old Filofax only online! The CRM allows for easy organisation and tracking of customer information, communication history, and deal pipelines. By having all relevant data in one place, you can quickly access customer information and make informed decisions, saving you time and effort.

    6. Reporting and analytics: ODSS provides detailed reporting and analytics features, enabling you to monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns. The platform offers insights into key metrics, such as conversion rates, engagement levels, and ROI. By having access to real-time data and analytics, you can quickly assess campaign effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

    7. Training and support: ODSS offers comprehensive training resources and support to assist you in navigating the platform effectively. The availability of tutorials, documentation, and webinars ensures that business owners can quickly learn how to leverage the platform’s features and maximise their efficiency. The support team is also available to address any questions or concerns, saving business owners time in troubleshooting issues.

    8. Cost-effective solution: Compared to using multiple standalone tools or platforms for different marketing functions, ODSS offers a cost-effective solution by consolidating various features into a single platform. This can result in significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

By utilising ODSS’s integrated features, automation capabilities, and streamlined workflows, business owners, like you, can optimise their marketing efforts, automate routine tasks, and gain valuable time and energy to focus on strategic initiatives and growing their business.


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