How to get more leads into your business

We all know the value of incoming enquiries. And everyone’s touting the next big thing in getting more sales. But for me, I was always stuck at the “getting enquiries” part of it. Do I cold email? Do I wait for them and will people to enquire? Do I hammer facebook and PEE off my family! ha ha So I thought that I cant be the only one. Here’s how I have started to get more leads into my business.

Customers are the life blood of business.  

If people aren’t getting in touch to ask for your help, do you even have a business??? 😭

So if you’re struggling a little at the moment for sales, lets get to it.

There are, of course many ways which you can get more leads in to your business, this will not be an exhaustive list, it’s just stuff I’ve found has worked for me. 

If it works for you I’d love to know if this helped you!

lead magents & freebies

my favourite way to get more leads. And generally the easiest (probably why its my favourite! 🤪) You build it once and it just keeps on giving. If you do it right. 

I have a free LEAD MAGNET GUIDE right here if you’d like it. It will walk you through what a lead magnet is, how to create one, and what people are looking for.

Basically, a lead magnet is a free download/video/instructional and helpful tool that will help someone shortcut a pain that they’re in.

Every business needs these in their business. Without them you’re just slowing your progress down. If you don’t know where to start though definitely download the cheatsheet. I’ll link it here again for you 😉


Once you have the lead magnet, that isn’t the end of the story. You have to nurture the people that come in to your funnel. 

Nurturing them with value in their inbox. 

What problems do you solve that they have? 

Email them about it. Being a trusted source of information will ensure people trust you with their cash and they’ll feel comfortable spending it with you.


I’ll just plonk this here for you again, it will help you to nurture too 


Next, you either love it or hate it, but networking isn’t all men in suits drinking coffee. 

I go to a networking meeting every friday and it has grown my business faster than I thought it could. It also gave me a chance to learn all these other skills I’m going to share with you, while I found my feet as an entrepreneur. 

Definitely give it a go, but this is the long game. Networking is all about the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST formula. Similar to online and social networking. 

Google networking events near me, and it’ll give you a list. Or you could check for local ones in Facebook groups. 

ask for referrals

Do you ask your current customers for referrals?

One of the easiest ways (I feel like I keep saying this, but I’m writing these for easy wins for you!). Think about it though, if you have just served a happy customer, and they love what you’ve done, why not ask?! You can even offer incentives for the referral. Get so many referrals and they get a free/discounted [insert gift].

This is a very well-known and used method. Has been used for years in the form of loyalty schemes, friends and family discounts, and much more.

groups on social networks

I have a love/hate relationship social media. It’s not my favourite way to market. But there’s no denying that this kind of marketing can sky rocket your efforts in growing your leads list. 

I use my FULL CIRCLE SALES SYSTEM to make sure I get all my socails scheduled, because I’ll be honest, because I don’t like the job, it’s the first to drop off my to do list. So if I schedule it, I can tick it off and be sure I get my business out there and in front of my audience.

There are lots of ways you can grow your business, this is just a handful. 

Get in touch and let me know if you try any of them.

Please do try the lead magnet though.

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