How to build a website that generates leads

how to build a website that generates leads bricks

a website that brings enquiries in, instead of you having to go and look for them: I fully believe that your website should be making you money. At the very least, get enquiries coming in to your business. I’ve said it multiple (a boring number) times, your website has 2 jobs: job 1: to make […]

21 reasons to revamp your website in 2021

first: Your website wait first HAPPY NEW YEAR! Then your website. Think of your website as an octopus, (I hope this will help you to see how important your website is…) so you have the head of the octopus, the n there’s the tentacles. They reach out for food and pull the food back to […]

how to generate leads with your website

websites are dead, right? wrong! Websites are so far from dead… People telling you this are selling you a website under a different name… think funnel. A funnel is a website at the end of the day. but it has a definite plan to guide people through a journey and on to buying. I kinda […]

Should you build your own website?

the dangers of a DIY website Not wishing to scare anyone (it is Halloween week though! 🙂 ) There are obviously pros and cons to everything, and that includes building your own website. So in order to answer the above question, I thought I’d highlight the main ones for you, and then you can make […]

How to get more business from your website – right now!

you may or may not know that recently I appeared on the famous Trisha Lewis Podcast  To be honest with you, I learned more in this experience than I thought I would, about myself! Do you ever forget how much you actually know about what you do until you have to talk about it? That […]

Are your leads drying up?

Top view of modern workplace with office supplies and copy space on yellow and desk

It’s been a hard few months, right? For many of us in many different ways. For some of us it’s been lonliness, for some of us introverts it’s been an overcrowded house. For others its been our businesses, that we’ve worked so hard to build up and sustain, and to get where we are today. […]

3 ways to make easy sales through the tough times

Times are a little uncertain right now. That’s one thing I think we can all agree on? There’s also something else I have to just get out in the open, I work with a lot of coaches, and a lot of them have really awful websites (sorry, not sorry)! If there was ever a time […]

Is It Time To Pivot?

5 ideas on ways that you can pivot in your business today to help you survive a crisis