How to save 15 hours per week

want to save yourself 15 hours per week in your day job???

I recently worked with a client who wasnt seeing her family, and was stuck working a job that just wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

She drove an amazing car, but basically only had the chance to drive it to the office and back.

She was exhausted. Overwhelmed and everything you don’t start a business to be.

We worked together, looking at all her processes and marketing techniques. What she did in her business, what she loved and what she hated doing. The great thing about working with me, is that I can usually fix all the things that you hate doing! 😏 the fiddly admin tasks, the reminders, the dull shizzle you just dont want to do!

There was just no structure to her days. 

We began with where she was missing out on sales, where she wasn’t getting back to her clients. How she was onboarding her clients and helping create some quick wins in the business to help her feel a little more enthusiastic about her day.

Despite the fact that she had multiple software that was supposed to help her with her workload, none of them were connected or working together, which meant it was actually creating MORE WORK for her to do, not less. And those softwares were not budget friendly! 

When my client came to me, she was doing everything, and it meant she’d hit a ceiling with her income, as she couldn’t find any more hours in the day, and she was overworked. 

A recipe for depression and overwhelm.

This is what we did...

So to solve this we created an automated response system for calls, so that she didn’t have to be “on” at all times, answering the phone when she should be growing her business.

It meant that people didn’t feel ignored when they called, and had confidence that she would call back.

This increased her conversion rate by 51%!

It meant she had more time to grow the business and did a better job as she was no longer multi-tasking!

We also created an automated on-boarding process, to allow her to seamlessly impress her new customers and give them confidence in her work. 

And she was saving time.

We then created a an automated off-boarding system AND a Google review system to help give her social proof (very important) and get higher in Google.

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