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i make great things happen in your business.

let your website work it’s magic for your business. You’d be surprised what you can achieve with a professionally designed website, designed with purpose.

This is me. Gemma, The Website Architect. My story really began in May 2017.

…actually maybe February 2017. I’d been toying with the idea of starting my own business for years. Trying out everything I loved doing. I hated my job. Not because it was a bad place to work, but because I felt trapped!

I’d sit by the window, watching the days roll by, missing my little girl and wanting to be out in the real world, doing what I thought was what I wanted to do.

Then I found out I was pregnant with my second child. It was a bit of a surprise! Skip forward 3 months to May, I’d also just been found out at work, that I was trying out new business ideas. They didn’t approve!

So I was pulled in to the office and disciplinary action began. I knew my job was in danger, and that I was going to struggle if I kept my job keeping my ‘sidelines’ alive. As they’d be much more strict with me now!

A few months before this conversation, they mentioned redundancies. I guessed, after talking to my husband that this would be the better option than the sack!!

I had two choices, get a job, not really a choice. I was definitely showing and no one in their right mind was going to employ a pregnant woman. Or go self employed (my secret wish).

Never been so scared in my life. How the eff was I going to manage with one child JUST starting full time school and one on the way. Plus starting a business? Plus we had our own issues at home, my husband was going through some of his own stuff (not helped by me losing my job at 4 months pregnant!), so we had a lot to deal with, not much of a redundancy package either.

Sooooo…. there was a lot to do, and a lot to think about! What will I go in to? What do I know?

How the EFF do you run a business? I might of dreamed about it for 5 years, but that doesn’t mean I had done much research on the runnings of a business. I had no idea what I was getting myself in for. In the last 20 months or so, I have faced my biggest challenges. Two things in life which are challenging anyway (starting a business, and having a baby) happened to happen at the same time. So I had to learn quickly!

I decided to go in to websites, I’d looked after websites for friends and family, built my own in my own little endeavours and looked after works, so I was plenty experienced. They were relatively cost effective and allowed me to work from home with the baby. win-win, right?

Well, skip forward. I decided to build websites, designed with functionality and a user experience that will help your business grow. Designed with the end objective in mind.

Form follows function. A website isn’t an online brochure today, it’s so much more. A website should help your business grow. and a simple templated design just wont cut it! A website needs to be designed around you and your business in order to help it grow.

how i work...

I love all things WordPress and all things interiors and architecture. I used to work as an interior designer, but now your website is my interior design project! I make sure your website looks good, works for you and functions the way it should.

My approach is design-focused, so I make sure your website displays your business in the best possible light. A well-designed website that works correctly creates trust with customers and gives more credibility to you.

Over 70% of visitors will judge your capabilities to help them based on the design of your website. Scary thought, right?!

what my people say...

my Happy Clients

Gemma designed logo, business cards, a website and some print ads for me earlier this year and made a fab job of them all. She was great at starting from scratch and coming up with great new designs for me. Gemma also kept me up to speed and was always open and amenable to changes or new requests.
Damian Holland
SR Computers
Like many people we lacked the expertise as far as digital marketing is concerned, what seemed like a good idea to us, was in reality far from effective. Gemma has cut to the chase and provided a service that has vastly increased our chances of new customers.
Gary Bradley

Let’s get started.

Getting your business online is a priority. The centre of all your online marketing, the best way to get your business off the ground quickly.