How to be found on page one on Google

A lot of us want to be on page one on google but don't have the budget!

You’re not alone! So today I want to share with you how to be found on page one on Google without spending your life savings on it. 

Our pockets are getting squeezed from every angle right now. And the last thing we want to do is gamble our marketing budgets on something that might not work… 

Cause let’s face it, Google is a bloody minefield!!! Do you check your numbers on your website?

How many people visited last month vs how many enquiries you got?

I didn’t think so. 😁

And I’m with you. Page one is an expensive place to be, and to keep that spot is a hard thing to do.

So today I’m here with some options on getting on page one with a smaller budget. 

The answer?

get more google reviews!!!

I know, I know…

You ask but no one ever seems to want to say anything unless they want to complain. 

I get it.

I get as frustrated as you.

But having lots of good reviews on your GMB page will increase where you appear in searches A LOT. Its actually in the top 5 factors of your rank. So get it done.

And if you struggle to remember to ask (this is me all over), or get people to answer I have a couple of tips up my sleeve to help.


problem number 1: remembering

This is something I constantly forget to do. In fact, as I write this, I’ve just remembered TWO clients I haven’t asked!

It’s hard. We’re busy, we finish with one job and start the next without a break…

So remembering can be difficult. 

My solution to that is simple. I have a new tool out called a Reputation Management tool. It basically manages your reputation online. It automatically asks your customers for reviews.

Which means you don’t have to remember.

It will alert you to any bad reviews. None of us want that, so if you get this alert, you can manage the problem by either managing it with Google if it happens to be fake (happens more than you’d like to know) or you can try and fix it for your client and get them to change it.

problem number 2: actually getting the reviews

I don’t know why, but we humans love to MOAN.  And usually, unless there’s a complaint, people don’t often give a review.

Unless you’ve absolutely knocked their socks off, or its your mum. (Yes, my mum has given me a review – she doesn’t even understand what I do!! 💖 Big love to mums out there!)

I’ve found that getting a good review is much easier if you offer your customer something. A little bonus or gift. Makes the world of difference. 

I offer a 6 month review. Or a month of extra maintenance. 

I also send them out a cheeky bottle of wine if I really like them. 🤫

So what can you offer your clients that will make them think, I want that, where’s my Google log in! ha ha 

So have a think and see what you can offer (that doesn’t necessarily cost you anything) but you can help your client with.

Or get on a personal marketing plan call and get a free demo of our reputation management tool.


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