Want to Rank Better on Google? Do this…


We all know that better results in Google = more business. There are of course many other ways to get more business, and ways to get people on your website. But most people, before buying do a Google search. So it’s worth making an effort to have your website on page 1 or 2 (do […]

Do You Need To Replace Your SSL Certificate?

Is your website telling your customers you’re not a secure business? Trust is {almost} everything when it comes to business and online, it doesn’t take much to scare people off.

Gain More Website Traffic with Pinterest

I often find that Pinterest is the forgotten social media platform. I’ll tell you why… it isn’t actually a social media platform – it’s a search engine! The most impressive search engine out there (IMO) but often confused with social media… and for good reason, the lines are blurred as to what it is. But […]

Make Sure Google Can Still Find You After Algorithm Update

So, mobile first indexing…. First what the hell is it? Firstly it’s something that Google will be bringing in very soon, so you need to be ready for it! And as you know, your website should be mobile ready. SHOULD! It is right? Cause that one came in about two years ago (??? Time flies […]

SEO: Getting Higher in Google Searches

SEO can feel like a bit of a black art these days, and getting anywhere near page one is an uphill challenge! So if you want to get your website higher in Google searches, take a look at my checklist! I feel you. I work with it every day, and I’m always researching ways to […]