how to get more traffic to your website organically

SEO. We all know we need it. 

But we also know that being found ORGANICALLY is important too! 

As I say (a lot) your website is the centre of your online eco-system. Kinda like the centre of the universe. Leland Dieno says it too. I’m not alone…. I like the eco-system idea, I’ve always said its the centre of the digital universe – just sounds bigger! 😝

index your website

There are as you’ll know, some quite technical things that you can do to get more people on to your website. Sometimes getting people there isn’t so much the problem (although it’s half the battle!)

One simple one is to tell Google you exist!

Indexing your website will speed things up considerably for you.

Basically, if you want Google to show your website in searches, you need to tell it that you exist. The easiest way to do it is to actually index the website. Neil Patel says it brilliantly here:

index website neil patel

write blogs

Writing content that your audience will keep coming back for is a great way to get better results from Google.

Because it means that Google know you’re an active business and that your website is active. If Google know the website is used, it means it has value – and that’s what they’re about!

So if you don’t have a blog plan, writing something, or posting a regular Vlog (video blog) or something similar to your website is the key! I love writing, and so I write regularly. Sometimes weekly. I know that when I’m writing more regularly, I get more website visits… So again, that helps keep me writing. But you don’t have to write weekly, you could write every other week, or monthly. Its up to you!

Check out the image below – do I need to say more???

*source: reliable soft

google my business

Google My Business (GMB) is to me, like a digital business card. It has a map and directions of where to find you, business photos, reviews… all the stuff that you want your potential clients to see.

It also helps your business to get found. It means you have more chances of showing up in searches!

You can show up in the list, or maps or the GMB.

Asking your customers to add a review will also add to your authority and help you be found. Google explains GMB here

And this is mine…

use socials to fill your funnel

don't rely on it to grow your biz

Remember (this is very important), you don’t own social media traffic.

Socials are fantastic for business, and 100% part of the mix. But while we still need socials, they’re only a tool. 

We use socials to drive people into our funnel. Back to our domain. Which is our mailing list and our website.

Your website is your business home (remember the quote from the start of the blog???) and your mailing list is the direct line to talk to them each week about you, your business and to help them in theirs! 

You need to own your traffic, that way, the next time there’s an algorithm update, you wont lose 75% of your audience and customers over night.

The next time there’s a Google Slap or a change in the rules (Apples new privacy update – what the hell!!!) you know that the conversations you’re having, need to take people back home.

If you’re not sure how you can do this, I have some tips! There’s a webinar coming up real soon – if you’d like to get notified of when I’m going live, click this link!

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