Why YOU need a website! Yes you do!

5 REASONS WHY YOU (YES YOU) NEED A WEBSITE… NOW! I love chatting to like-minded people and coaches on here and one thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately is “Oh I don’t need a website, Instagram does enough” or “Instagram is all the promotion I need”… Well, that’s just not true! While Instagram and Facebook are great […]

how does conversion (CRO) help my business grow?

first, what is cro? CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is basically optimising your website to help people who visit you on your website to convert (or buy).  Isn’t that what we all want??? More clients. More business. MORE SALES! This is what Omniconvert have to say about it.. how can it benefit you? Well, put […]

do you really need a website?

in short, yes. yes you do need a website. But I hope [HOPE] you already know that! you see it all the time. More so in the pandemic era of the 2020’s (I know, dramatic much – feels like its been a full decade though, right???) when people are setting up their online businesses, left, […]