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make your contact page work for your business!

OK, your contact page has one job, and one job only. 

But sometimes we over think it and make it difficult for our customers (and ourselves). So I wanted to add a few tips that I know work well for me and my clients, and maybe make your life easier.

Doing these few teeny tiny changes will help you:

  1. Sift through the time wasters and tyre kickers to help speak to the most likely to purchase
  2. Know exactly what those people are contacting you for: Therefore knowing how to prioritise their enquiry.
  3. Enable people to contact you in their preferred way, helping you to improve customer service.

There are a couple of reasons to make these changes (as well as the reasons above) one of them is how people perceive your online presence. It makes a bigger impact than you think! Check out this one review I found online recently – it had nothing to do with the company or their service and everything to do with what he thought about the effort they put into their marketing. A little out of order if you ask me, but its what people do today sadly.

*click the image to expand if you can’t read

**I’ve blocked out the names to protect the company and the writer.

how can you make sure this doesn't happen to you?

Well, firstly, I’d try and make sure that your visitors have a good experience on your website.

a good website experience is equal to:

  1. a website that is visually appealing (nice to look at, interesting)
  2. A website that is easy to navigate and find what they want (something that a lot of people who build their own websites struggle with, our customers sadly don’t think like us)
  3. Give a good service, if your CTA says you’ll do something – MAKE SURE YOU DO IT!!! Or at the very least, automate that task and get the bots to handle it. If you’d like to learn how you can do that, click here and book in a free consult
  4. You know the usual stuff, make sure the page loads quickly
  5. Make sure it works on mobile!!

Right, here's the nitty gritty!

To make your contact page work better for you and your users, here are my tips:

Make sure the page is easy to find! I always make the contact page visible in the menu on the top right. because that is a standard area of the basket if you’re on an e-commerce website. People are naturally drawn to this area of the page.

Contact Form: If you can add in a dropdown in your contact form, allowing people to select the reason for their contact, it makes it easier to know what to do with the enquiry. It’s also easier to prioritise and choose how you respond and through what channel.

Include phone number, email and social channels: Some people will want to phone you (be reasonable if you do this – don’t answer in the pub on a Saturday night! 🤪) some will want to get in touch through social media. Some wont fill in the form, but will email! We’re all different. 

Humanise the experience: Having a photo of you or your customer service members is great. People like to know they’re talking to PEOPLE and its nice to know who they are!

A new one that works great, is using design to get people to the right channels. A little more complicated if you’re new to design, but guiding people to either enquiries or customer services etc is a great way to make their experience better and make things more organised and aligned for yourself. 


I hope you found these tips useful. If you’d like any help implementing any of them – get in touch! Or book a free meeting, bring your own coffee though! 😉

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