the benefits of a one day website

The benefits of a one day website are endless…. Firstly, you know you need a website, right?

You don’t need me to tell you that bit.

Unless you do? If you do, send me a quick message Happy to help! 😉

But a ONE DAY WEBSITE might not be quite as clear. I mean, its basically the same, right? Just built faster.

Well, yes and no. 

Yes, because at the end of it, you get a website. But that’s about where the similarities end. 

With a One Day Website, yes it lives up to its name. We book you in for a date to build. And we take care of everything you can imagine.

The biggest benefit would be that there’s no waiting around for approvals, having to approve designs and being asked awkward questions.

The idea is that everything is done for you. 

Most people don’t even know what they want from their website until they see the finished product. 

direct benefits of a one day website

Your business will benefit, because the usual 3 month block is abolished. We book your day and its done. So you can be sure that people are able to view your website waaaaay before you thought possible.

It reduces stress (by approx 98.5% 😉) because on the day you have nothing to do. the whole thing is taken care of. We’ve spoken enough to know what you want, and we’ve built enough of these (one day websites) to be able to do them blindfolded.

Having a website builds confidence in the eye of your customers. Anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can go out and get themselves a LinkedIn profile, but building a website is a hell of a lot harder, and your clients know this.

It saves you time and money. How? Well, I know a lady that has spent 6 months building her website and hates it. Do you know how many hours she could’ve saved herself? And in that time she could’ve had her website growing organically. Which means people could be on the website – BUYING!!

what do you get with a one day website?

  • A website – obviously! We’ll build a 1-5 page website. Think: Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us
  • A blog if thats your thing
  • All the call to action buttons needed to make the website work
  • Connect Google Analytics and dashboard on your website – knowing your traffic levels
  • Have website SEO ready, so that it actually gets listed in Google!
  • Design you a custom graphic to share your website across your social platforms (we’ll do the same on ours!)
  • Contact form(s) where necessary
  • All hosting, security certificates and software for the year
  • Website training

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