How to use email marketing to grow your business

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Do you send emails as part of your marketing? As in COLD EMAILS… Cause it can be a major way to grow your profit margins on a budget. I use email marketing to grow my business and have been doing for some time now.

If not, have you ever considered it? If you haven’t let me try to convince you…

Did you know that 72% of people prefer to receive promotions via email? 

And 66% of people have purchased directly from email marketing.

AND! Email is 5x more likely to be seen that a Facebook post. read the rest of them below

What I’m trying to say is, email is one of the most profitable ways to market your business today. And it should definitely be part of your mix. And in this post I’ll share with you the best ways to do it. Cause while I talk about profitability and stuff, it can also be really hard to stay out of the SPAM folder and then if you do happen to land in the correct folder, it’s then a battle to get the bloody thing opened.

So read on for combatting all of that and more.

the tips:


Use a platform such as my mailer system or mailerlite this way you’re using a reputable system that means that you get better deliverability and it means things are streamlined for you! A lot of these platforms have a free version, so you’re on for a winner straight away. The best for budget would be MAILERLITE.


When starting off with email marketing, it’s important to take measures to land in the inbox and not the SPAM. My advice would be (fort he first email at least) to send a plain email. Just text, no fancy photos, no links, just simple unformatted text. It gives the bots a little more confidence that you’re not spamming.


Send your emails with a catchy subject line. This is what will get the email OPENED. What will make your clients open your emails? What will catch their attention.


Keep your emails concise and to the point (and short!). Try not to waffle, make it so people can read the email without having to scroll.


Add CTA’s. They can be links, but make them relevant. But the more people interact with your emails, the more the internet gods (google) will recognise you as a valuable source. So even if your CTA is “reply to this message, having replies to your marketing makes you valuable. A lot like likes and comments on social posts make you valuable.


Optimise for mobile! Consider that an awful lot of people will open their emails before they even get out of bed. That means they’re reading your content on your phone. Most platforms today will either automatically optimise or give you the option to view on mobile and on desktop. So be sure to check each version out and work accordingly.


Monitor open rates and clicks. Making sure you clean up your lists and check your open rates is very important. Cleaning your list means that the people that read your emails stay on your list and are valuable, people that don’t open your emails shoudl be removed from your list this is because the more people that dont open your emails or emails that bounce (don’t land) will impact your deliverability of all other emails to new and existing followers.

wrapping up:

They’re my tips. I have a TON more, so I wanted to invite you to my free workshop. Would you like to join us? I’d love to see you there! ☺️ If you’d like to learn how you can use email marketing to grow your business, click the link below!

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