How can we respond faster, to get more sales?

You know yourself, the faster you respond to an enquiry, the better chance you have of getting the sale.

But you don’t need to know that from experience, there’s been study after study to show this. There’s simply no question – it’s fact.

So there in lies one of the problems that most business owners face… 

How, if we’re on a sales call and an enquiry comes in, can we be in two places at once??? 

Then the fears start to creep in, “what if I miss that call and they go somewhere else??”

What if they’re a better customer than this one I’m on “the phone to?” 🤦‍♀️

face it, we want an answer, and we want it now

Most of the time, people want an immediate answer. Not necessarily to fulfil the request, but to confirm they’ve been heard and that you WILL deal with it. 

Obviously people don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a robot either. 

So, it can be hard to strike a balance.

here's what we do at the web architect's

Things that people want a response from quickly:

  1. telephone enquiries
  2. email enquiries
  3. website form enquiries
  4. social media messages/enquiries
  5. web chat/whatsapp/general messaging

So there’s a lot to juggle!! 🤯😵‍💫

We send an auto-response from any of these enquiries, but I have to stress – IT HAS TO BE PERSONAL AND NOT ROBOTY! People can spot a bot from a mile away, and they HATE them.

An auto response is absolutely the way to go in this kind of circumstance, because it can buy you some time to give a proper response, while making sure your enquiry makes feels looked after.


want to get more sales by implementing this into your business?

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