Business is in the Follow Up

how many times have you heard that?

The business is in the follow up. Its true, but how many of us really do it? And keep doing it, until we get an answer?

And it isn’t just me that says it. Guru’s from across the lands preach it too. For good reason!

We’re all busy, and it’s so easy to forget stuff. Especially if you’re running a business, running a family, a house, a social life – CHRISTMAS!!!

There’s a lot going on. 

So unless I’ve had a flat NO from a quote I’ve sent out, I’m following up.

And I’m following up until I get that “NO” too.

it's the most important part of the sales process

It’s all important, having a process in place means that sales are more predictable and run smoother.

Basically, if you’re not following up, you’re missing out on sales and leaving cash on the table!

We’re in a ‘throw away’ society today (depressing, I know), but thats the way we’ve been trained to think. Single use, throw away items. Throw away thinking… so if someone enquires and you send the quote but don’t hear back, that most definitely isn’t a no. It’s probably a million other things!


Don’t be disheartened by it all though.

Here are some great ways to follow up:

first one being – don’t stop following up until they ask you to! 🤣🤣

1: sending a thank you note for their time is a great non-intrusive way to give them a little reminder of your chat and product. You can set this up as an automation in our One Day Selling Systems too, so you don’t even have to do anything!

2: checking in with them is a great way to stay in touch

3: use an anti follow up system !! 💥💥💥

An anti-follow up system is a great way of helping your clients, giving them value and appearing as the expert in what you do – WITHOUT them feeling pressured into buying (which makes the process so much easier for both of you!)

If you want to know more about the anti-follow up system I use, there’s more information on my One Day Selling System page, it integrated into the system so that your life is made easier across the board!!

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