Right. It’s the summer holidays. 

Whether you’re a parent or not, I really hope that you’re getting away this summer. I’ve had far too many conversations with people who haven’t been away for 3 years (thanks pandemic) 

So I’m hoping to see lots of Out Of Office (OOO) replies! 🤣🤣

But my question for you today is this: are you making the most of your OOO? Using it as an opportunity to sell more?

You really should!! Here’s why:

  • the person receiving your OOO is expecting an email from you – if there was ever a guarantee they’d read it, its now!
  • How many OOO read exactly the same as all the others?? snore….
  • marketing is a numbers game, the more exposure we get the more we sell. So sell!!!


To make it a little different to my usual content, I thought I’d mix it up with a video.

the out of office system that sells

There are more tips for getting more sales and clients from your digital marketing on another post we did in December, called How to Bring More Clients into your Business CONSISTENTLY

Give it a read, I think you’ll find it really useful for your business. 

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