A Guide to Success: How to Balance Parenthood and Business

summer holidays going with a 🤯🤯🤯

Me too. Fret not friend. Today I want to talk about how to balance parenthood and business. Cause it isn’t just about the [constant] school holidays, is it? They’re here, we love them, we want to spend time with them [sometimes 😂🍸 ]

This summer has been a big learning curve for me. And my oldest kid is 10 – I should be used to it by now. BUT I AINT! We’re now in a groove though and I don’t want them to go back! That’s another blog, for another day though … forest school you say???


Running a business while being a full-time parent is no walk in the park.

The juggling act between managing a thriving business and nurturing a growing family demands strategic planning and efficient tools. And if you’re anything like me, that doesn’t come naturally. In this post, we’ll explore the art of balancing parenthood and business and how I used my Selling System to make it all possible. And save my sanity!

the challenges are real

The challenges are real – from meeting business deadlines and constant interruptions, to tending to your children’s needs. But every challenge comes with a solution.

That’s where The Selling System kindly steps in and takes care of business.

This all-in-one platform streamlines business processes, freeing up valuable time that you can spend with your kids.

Just one of the tools I use to streamline and keep me organised is the missed call, text back service. It can be part of the whole service or it can stand alone. But basically, if I cant answer the phone, for whatever reason, this system actually texts the person back to let them know I’m there and will call them back, or it sends them my calendar link and allows them to book in a time that suits them (and I’m not babysitting).

Can you have a business and a family?

Absolutely. But it’s no breezy dreamy trip. It will take a little time, but it doesn’t have to be a loooong time.

The secret lies in harmoniously merging these two important aspects of life. Your journey as a parentpreneur involves setting clear boundaries and creating a well-defined work-play balance. By doing so, you’re not only nurturing your business dreams but also setting an example for your children.

This is where great tools like autoresponders and calendars come in. I have a ton of tips if you want a virtual coffee and chat.

We don’t want to work at 5am so that we can be present with our kids, that’s a recipe for exhaustion and misery. I remember it in lockdown and it still brings up bad feelings. 

What I wanted when I started creating systems in my business, was to be able to step away for a few hours and not be either constantly answering calls and emails or being distracted, not giving anything my full attention. It’s not fair on my clients or my kids. 

so by creating the selling system i helped to create a cost and time saving solution to help parentpreneurs

Just as overwhelming, is using a million softwares and having to sync them up or manually add reminders, it creates more work when you’re trying to reduce what you do. 

It’s not about being lazy here, it’s about being smart with your time. If I don’t have to spend time working, then dude I AM NOT. And neither should you. Didn’t you start this business for freedom from all of that? If I wanted to be tied to a desk, I’d get a job. At least then I clock off.

Gone are the days of drowning in manual work, having millions of tabs open on your computer and not knowing your Tuesday from your Saturday. The Selling System’s tools elevate your efficiency in leaps and bounds. With more time on your hands, you can focus on creating memorable family experiences. #balance! I’m talking about bringing organisation to the smallest and most menial tasks, so that you free up space and energy to either grow your family or take a well needed self care day.

Remember that perfection isn’t the goal. Embrace imperfections, create systems and automations in your business, and celebrate every achievement – big or small. It’s about progress, not perfection.

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