Are pop ups useful on websites?

pop ups on screen

what makes pop ups so annoying?! Pop-ups. to use, or not to use. We’re all asking the same question: “ARE POP-UPS STILL USEFUL ON WEBSITES?” Short answer is yes.  The long answer is on how to use them without annoying your visitor to the point that they just exit your website in frustration. it leaves […]

6 Things you need on your website

Keep It Simple Stupid… Duh! Your footer will likely have a lot of info, and you don’t want to overwhelm with a complicated design too!

Website vs Instagram Battle Time!

Website vs instagram battle time Read my last blog post on why you need a website and still think having a website is outdated and your business doesn’t need one??? Well keep reading for the ultimate WEBSITE vs INSTAGRAM battle to see which one wins! *hint hint* I may be slightly rooting for the websites on this […]

Why YOU need a website! Yes you do!

5 REASONS WHY YOU (YES YOU) NEED A WEBSITE… NOW! I love chatting to like-minded people and coaches on here and one thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately is “Oh I don’t need a website, Instagram does enough” or “Instagram is all the promotion I need”… Well, that’s just not true! While Instagram and Facebook are great […]

do you really need a website?

in short, yes. yes you do need a website. But I hope [HOPE] you already know that! you see it all the time. More so in the pandemic era of the 2020’s (I know, dramatic much – feels like its been a full decade though, right???) when people are setting up their online businesses, left, […]

how to generate leads with your website

websites are dead, right? wrong! Websites are so far from dead… People telling you this are selling you a website under a different name… think funnel. A funnel is a website at the end of the day. but it has a definite plan to guide people through a journey and on to buying. I kinda […]