Your website has only 2 jobs!

are you over complicating things when it comes to your website?

One of the most common things I see with websites is over complicating the whole process. And at the end of the day, your website has 2 jobs… 2 quite simple jobs actually.

Most of us need them, we know that… And before you say you don’t Click Funnels/Kajabi etc are WEBSITES!!! If you have one – you have a website. Deal with it. 

Said with allllll the love. ❤

In my world, and maybe yours it’s really easy to create a problem, where no problem ever existed. 

Does your entrepreneur brain work like that? I know I’m not alone in this. It’s one reason I love my coach. He takes the chaotic creative brain and makes it make sense.

It helps me take you chaotic digital marketing and make it work for you!

here's a teeny tiny video that will help you

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here is a brief overview of the video...

your website has 2 jobs, basically. We want to keep things simple.

Online overwhelm is a very real thing. So the simpler, the better.

Job 1: Show people that visit your website, that you know your sh*t. That you are the answer to all their questions.

Job 2: HELP them to get in touch. Show them how to get hold of you and enquire.

That’s it! Nothing else. 

Think about it…with your content you can show people how amazing you are. Words and pictures, make sales.

So have a look at your website?

Is it complicated?

Trust me on this, its easily done. Especially if you’re using a template… people tend to work to the template, editing the blocks within that template. Which is what you’d expect. But these templates aren’t built with your business in mind. So by all mans, use the template.

But also look at how people might use your website. Are you making it harder than it needs to be?

If so, why not take a look at the Architect’s Club. It can really help you make sense of your digital marketin

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