make money
from your website!

it's 100% doable, if you know how... 😉

If you've been in business decades, or you're just starting outin your journey.
You might have one of these problems...

if you're one of the lucky ones, you're maybe getting the odd enquiry from your website. but no where near enough!
the average conversion is about 1%

consider this:

Times are changing – FAST at the moment.

What worked in your marketing a few days ago, now might seem totally inappropraite. People are scared, they’re not sure what is going on from one day to the next (it isn’t just me, right???)

So if you’re sat around, waiting for your developer to make changes on your website, and you’ve paid and you expect to see changes. But by the time they get around to the task, something has changed and what you were offering somehow now, seems totally off.

Or you’re just ready to transform your business and get those clients in.

The only way that we can take charge of this crisis is to take your destiny in to your own hands and TAKE CONTROL.

I don’t know about you, but I love owning a small business, it gives me freedom to look after my family, my two small children and I’m not tied to anyone else’s schedule. I bet you have a ton of your own reasons too, and I bet it’s a lot to do with freedom and creativity…?

But how can you take charge when you have to wait for others to take action for you?!

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just take charge of our own business? …your own destiny?

there's never been a better time to take a look at your digital presence and make it grow your business online

If we need to make a change in our business, it shouldnt take weeks to get that amend. And it’s even more frustrating when you expect a change and it doesn’t happen until it seems out of date

So why not make the decision yourself and join us for our web membership.

Learn the proper tactics to ensure your website still gives the best impression of you and your business, but have the freedom and confidence to make changes to your website safe in the knowledge that if you do change something, it’s not going to be an expensive developer fix!

You can do this, I can help you.

Check out the membership!

i see it far too often, we get a website as it's what we think we need, and then it does nothing for the business. well it's time to change that.

I'll cut to the chase.

I want to get you extra clients with your website. We’re out to change that rubbish conversion rate that we mentioned before, 1%? That 1 person connecting out of every 100.

No thanks.

How about we make it 10-20%?

Whether you have a website already or not, The Web Architect’s Club will make sure you have one this side of Christmas! Thats 6 weeks you’ll have a website that can start getting new customers in straight away.

I’m condensing the programme from 6 months to 6 weeks in order to help as many people as possible, and we want YOU on that list of people helped.

Get you more enquiries. Grow your business.

download the free homepage checklist here:

or scroll down to see how membership works

how it works

Week 1: Keeping up appearances

Design is the first thing people see when they arrive on your website - so let's make sure we impress them!
Because when design is done badly, it can mean people click the exit sign. And we dont want that!

Week 3: The Writing...

The design...the experience for your user... they're important. BUT one of the really important parts of your website, the stuff that really communicates, are the words.
We'll look at what you can do to sell more with words on your website and build trust

Week 5: Conversion Rate

Let's face it, we have a website for one reason. It's to sell.
We want people to find us, see how amazing we are, and BUY. So we're going to work on marketing you to get you working with your ideal clients through a mix of website and content marketing

Week 2: The Whole Experience

You may not know it yourself, but there are things that can just make it really hard for your customers when it comes to using your website.
and it can be things that we just can't see for ourselves, we just need some outside perspective, from others. We'll help you to get a nice, easy experience for your customers.

Week 4: SEO

No point in giving this one a fancy name, it is what it is! And it's BIG!
there's no point in building this amazing website that does all these fancy things, if no one can find it.

Week 6: Lead Generation

A website isn't the be all and end all, it's a big part of the mix. But we need to bring in other aspects of marketing too.
Here we're gonna look at your optin's and download offers, and funnels. Making sure they're attractive and people want them!

some happy customers

Gemma is the ultimate professional. Our website has seen a 50% drop in bounces and her work is simply outstanding. The Eternity Tree will only ever use Gemma from now on. Social Media work is also outstanding. Gemma just understands our needs. 10/10
These guys take care of everything to do with your website from start to finish. Their Knowledge is inspiring. They also have great offers available for start up companies.
Jake Howard
Director: JH Plumbing & heating
I was very apprehensive about engaging with any company about designing and developing my website as technology is not my forte' and in a sea of hard selling web companies I really didn't know where to go first. I was recommended to Gemma of The Website Architect and commissioning her with my work was one of the best business decisions I'd taken. Gemma was warm, friendly, professional and totally committed to understanding me as a person and translating this onto what turned into a fantastic website. Gemma kept in touch with me regularly through face to face meetings and FaceTime to make sure I was happy throughout every step of the development and design. When i had an external issue connected to the website Gemma helped me immediately, even though this was out of hours. I cannot recommend Gemma and her business highly enough, its such a refreshing change to have 100% trust in someone which is absolutely paramount in my business as I realise it is in Gemma's. Thankyou for everything.
I would like to offer this testimonialto Gemma Murphy of The Website Architect in thanks for the great work she has recently completed on one of my websites.

From our first meeting, where Gemma tried her best to understand what I wanted, at a time when I wasn't sure myself. Gemma patiently guided me through the process that would be necessary to deliver a much more user friednly website.

The Website Architect has taken my 70 page website by the throat and wrestled it into submission.
I now have a website that I feel proud of rather than having a website that "will do".

I personally recommend Gemma Murphy and The Website Architect.