One Day Funnels

OK, brace yourself. They said Rome couldn’t be built in a day… They said websites couldn’t be built in a day. Now we’re really pushing the limits of time and we’re launching ONE DAY FUNNELS Before I say anymore though, let me explain what a funnel is and why this is so amazing for your […]

How to Earn More in your Business

how to earn more spaghetti

As a business owner, your number one responsibility is to not run out of money. The top priority. ☝️ And one of the biggest things that business owners struggle with today is client acquisition. If you run out of leads, the next thing you’re going to run out of is cash. It can be really […]

Your website is a waste of time

I know, I know.  I’m not going crazy. Honest! But it’s totally true. Why? Well, first let me say that I totally get how lucky we are today, with all the tech available at our finger tips.  Secondly, it’s also a curse. Firstly, it gives us all a false sense of what we’re able to […]

First Impressions: Do they count in business?

Do first impressions count in business? And does a good first impression help you make the sale? Well, I hope you know the answer to that.  Its yes. First impressions are important! If you’re in the know, you’ll know that it takes a measly 7 seconds to make a first impression (on average). Basically a […]

My Interview with my coach

I recently had an interview with my coach Tony Mazzotti, you can find all his info on his website ( learn about why your website is important, and what it can do for your business.

How to scale your business by doing less work and helping more people

OK. You want to scale your business… First things first, WHY scale your business? Well, here’s why I scaled… A lot of coaches are advertising their services and talking to the same people. If for example, you’re not clear on who you want to work with, what you’re offering etc. Then that will come across […]

How to bring more clients in to your business consistently

In order to be a successful business, you need clients. No clients = no business. Sorry. Without clients, there’s no money. And money to a business is oxygen, no matter how big or small. Which is crazy, when you think about it… all money is, is small pieces of printed paper (or now plastic if […]

how to get more clients

simple, free ways to get more clients Honestly, this is one of the things I work with people on most.  It’s like a never ending cycle of looking for clients, serving clients and looking again. It’s the number one stresser for business owners. #stuffofnightmares So in the spirit of giving, I thought I’d try and […]