How to make more time in your day

Might sound a little crazy, saying that I can show you how to make more time in your day. Time is linear, it will pass regardless. And there is only so much of it in one day.  BUT, I’m a firm believer in the fact that it isnt how much time you have, but how […]

How to make sure your reputation is top notch

your reputation today is [almost] everything Do you keep a check on your online reputation? Do you even know why you should? Today I want to talk to you about all the ways you can make sure that your reputation is in good working order, no TOP NOTCH! Because although it isn’t quite everything, in […]

Get More Done in 2024 with these tips

If you want to get more done in 2024 remember these words. Automate. Delegate. Eliminate. Remember these words.  Make them your mantra! You’ve set your goals for the year (if not go back to the previous post setting goals) now you need to action them.  This is the fun part, where you get to see […]

How to get more leads into your business

We all know the value of incoming enquiries. And everyone’s touting the next big thing in getting more sales. But for me, I was always stuck at the “getting enquiries” part of it. Do I cold email? Do I wait for them and will people to enquire? Do I hammer facebook and PEE off my […]

how to set goals to help you grow your business in 2024

2024 is almost here.  I’m definitely winding down, my brain just isn’t working as I want it to! 🫣 (AKA *NOT* productive) But that’s OK, I do this every year, and I plan in advance for it. Cause it’s inevitable. It’s like my brain kinda shut down, ready for hibernation.  I also eat, like a […]

Growth Planning your 2024 book a call here! Knowing where you want to be, I found, is the easy bit… knowing the steps it takes to get there, is sometimes not so simple.  We get overwhelmed with what should take priority and what needs to be done that will actually make an impact! Should we focus on cold […]

you don’t need more leads. Do this instead

I get it, you feel like you need more sales and leads in your business. But I want to sit you down and tell you that isn’t the case (most of the time). Most of the time, us business owners (yes, me too!) are simply not making the most of the enquiries and leads we […]

How to sell more – faster in your business

I recently did a talk at my local networking meeting BNI Masters it was nerve wracking, I wont lie! I’m not really built for the public speaking side of things, but it was a great experience. I talked about streamlining things within your business to make life easier for us business owners. But rather than […]

How to save 15 hours per week

watch video demo want to save yourself 15 hours per week in your day job??? I recently worked with a client who wasnt seeing her family, and was stuck working a job that just wasn’t fulfilling anymore. She drove an amazing car, but basically only had the chance to drive it to the office and […]

Case Study – Moonchild Yoga

Moonchild Yoga is a small business based in Manchester. Charlotte the owner, was spending time sending out individual reminders to her yoga clients and classes. She spent time in her evenings sending reminders and sending Zoom links and ushering people into one to one meetings. Instead of spending time with her family, or doing what […]