you don’t need more leads. Do this instead

I get it, you feel like you need more sales and leads in your business. But I want to sit you down and tell you that isn’t the case (most of the time). Most of the time, us business owners (yes, me too!) are simply not making the most of the enquiries and leads we already have.

Trust me! And if you don’t believe me, read on and I’ll explain why and how you can actually make more sales without having to reach out to more people. 

It’s what I’m all about … we’re busy. Business isn’t life. We create a business to HAVE A LIFE! So, read on and let me show you what I’ve put into my business to make it so that I can slow down and stop hunting constantly for that new customer. 


your conversion rate

The first thing I would look at if I was starting the journey of entrepreneurship again is take a look at my conversion rate, and see if there’s any way I can improve it.

Your conversion rate, if you don’t already know, is the % that you convert enquiries into sales. 

You may also know that you can optimise your online platforms to raise your conversion rate and increase sales. 

I do this on the websites I build and the one The Selling System

Basically, the online systems helps to qualify the people who enquire into your business, so that the “tyre kickers” or “freebie searchers” are filtered out. Which translates into more sales.

Also a website can be designed to convert more, so you’ve probably come across websites before today where you have no idea what you need to do to get in touch with the company, or what they do! 

Design IMO is all about the user. And if people (your customers) don’t know how to use your website, then how can that be designed well or how can you expect enquiries from it?

It’s already hard enough to get enquiries from online marketing. The general conversion stands at about 1%, which is frickin low. So don’t make it harder for yourself!

Take a look at your website, or ask someone you know to look at it through the eyes of a customer and see if your website answers these 3 questions:

1: who are you talking to (who if your customer)?
2: What problem do you solve? In simpleton language – think 5 year old customers
3: how do they get it? 

If people can’t answer those questions without scrolling, your conversion is off.

Ask for referrals

When was the last time you offered a referral scheme to your customers?

This is something that works reeeeeeeally well in business. Because of the law of reciprocity and also, people love to help. I think us humans aren’t as bad as we’re made out to be… most of us anyway! 

So usually, I ask [happy] clients to “refer” up to 5 potential people, that they think could benefit from my services and in return they get an annual web review or something else for free. 

Most of my customers are happy to help. Some say no, but thats the game isnt it?


Another one for optimising your existing customer base.

I know you don’t need me to tell you how much easier and cheaper it is to market to existing clients… but so many of us [me included for a very long time] just let our customers walk away with our product, and never speak to them again.


So, here’s my suggestion… what we do at the Web Architect’s is use our product ladder (and the Selling System to remind us 😉😉😉) to reach out periodically to past customers.

This will be your most profitable list, especially if you do good work. 

Once a year I offer my clients an audit or a GPS Call, which is short for a GROWTH PLANNING SESSION. This is usually application only and my system will then filter who gets through. Its brilliant! 

What could you offer your existing/past clients? 

  1. An upgrade?
  2. An audit?
  3. A call?

There’s a lot of options. 


Marketing is a funny one. Because none of us like to be sold to! 

So its about getting that balance right, I created a little formula in my marketing that seems to work well.

I have a little system that means marketing is really simple for me… 

its this:

  • Tell people what you do.
  • Tell them how to get it.


And I use this formula: 

  • use social media (LinkedIn etc)
  • offer freebies and sign ups (get them on your mailing list)
  • which in turn gets them on your website (traffic)
  • market to them through their inbox (email is so profitable, if not THE most profitable marketing method)

then of course, it’s value to the audience. 

What you think you do might feel boring or easy, remember, that isn’t the case for everyone!


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