How to Earn More in your Business

how to earn more spaghetti

As a business owner, your number one responsibility is to not run out of money. The top priority. ☝️ And one of the biggest things that business owners struggle with today is client acquisition. If you run out of leads, the next thing you’re going to run out of is cash. It can be really […]

First Impressions: Do they count in business?

Do first impressions count in business? And does a good first impression help you make the sale? Well, I hope you know the answer to that.  Its yes. First impressions are important! If you’re in the know, you’ll know that it takes a measly 7 seconds to make a first impression (on average). Basically a […]

get more clients before christmas

you busy? No? Well…. don’t worry. I can help with that, friend. I want to help you get 5 more clients before [BEFORE] the Christmas break, and of course beyond. Kind of on autopilot. On the 15th November its officially 45 days until Christmas.  I know, I know… I can’t quite believe it either. But […]

have you heard about the 2 minute daily vlog?

2 min daily vlog sign

want some help with your digital marketing? There’s a new vlog in town… 🤪 Designed around helping you to get more clients from your online marketing efforts. Today’s post isn’t going to be a long one, it’s more of an announcement. The vlog is daily (yes, DAILY) 2 minute videos, posted here and on socials […]

WEBSITES – are they really a commodity?

You know that you need more clients to make your business work. Dont we all? 🙂 We’re all bombarded constantly with one marketing strategy to the next. The next miracle to save your business! What are we supposed to do with information? Most of the time it makes me want to bury my head in […]

Should you put your prices on your website?

Should you put your prices on your website?I’ve battled with this one myself. And the answer for this one isn’t the same for everyone. All businesses are unique, everyone has different veiewpoints on this. One thing I have found though, is that people like to have an idea of what they are buying will cost. […]

3 things you can do to improve your website today

A really quick exercise to help you get more from your website. Try these 3 quick and simple exercises – don’t over think it. Just write the answers and then take action! 1: what do you want people to know when they visit your website? 2: what do you want people to feel when they […]

Future Proof Your Website

2019 is flying by, we’ll soon be in the final quarter. What are your plans for your business next year? Is 2020 your year? I personally can’t quite believe it’s 2020, I’m feeling old. But I do feel like I’m exactly where I need to be, and 2020 is looking more exciting every day! Here […]