how to generate leads with your website

websites are dead, right?

Websites are so far from dead…

People telling you this are selling you a website under a different name… think funnel.

A funnel is a website at the end of the day. but it has a definite plan to guide people through a journey and on to buying.

I kinda feel like all websites should do that…

But they are definitely far from dead.


but can your website earn you money?

Well, the short and long of it, YES!

A website is supposed to earn you money. That’s the point of it.

A website has only 2 jobs…
  1. Make you look the the GO-TO person in your sector. I want people clambering over hot glass to try to get to you – NAKED!
  2. Get those people (that are naked and cut to ribbons! ha ha) to enquire to work with you


That, to me is a successful website. What do you think?

Once they enquire, you’re half way there. You just then need to work your magic. Show them how you help and transform their lives with whatever it is you do.

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but how do I do that? I hear you ask...

well the idea that your website is a 24 hour, 365/6 day sales person isn’t a lie. It might seem outdated, but it’s still relevant.

It’s just that it isn’t as simple as buying a template from wordpress/wix or whoever, and expecting results from it though. These are great options, but it doesnt really do your business any favours, because all you end up doing is blending in to the background and taking up space on the internet. And they’re designed to look pretty, there’s no strategy behind the design, and more than that, how can a one-size-fits-all template work for your business?

WIth your goals for your business, your unique amazingness, and you want to waste money on something that gets you online, “because you think thats what a business should do”. Personally, if you’re going to do something like that, I wouldn’t bother.

Because you wont get anything back for your time or money.

And lets face it, if it isnt profitable, it’s a COST.

It needs to make you money. Thats your websites job, there’s no other reason to have one!

Do you realise what a website can do for your business? If you do it right, it’s like a magic pill!

Wanna know how?

the magic pill...

OK so I called it a magic pill.

And it is, it can solve all those headaches and pains, because it is a main source of income for businesses, when its done right.

That’s the case with everything though, don’t you find?

Plant something wrong, it doesnt grow. Dont look after it, it dies…

Decorate your home, and forget to put tape along the edges and its a disaster!

Don’t half ass your website, just because you think it’s something that needs doing. Think it through and plan it, and it can work wonders.

how to get enquiries from your website.

There are a few steps you should take before you even start.

3 easy steps to get more from your website:

  • build trust with your audience.
  • explain what you do in the simplest way possible
  • explain why they need it, in the simplest way possible

If you can do these 3 things with your website, you’ll definitley get more enquiries, with your existing traffic.

No spending extra money on ads and PPC, lets convert what we’ve already got eh? Let’s not spend when we’re not converting people in the first place.

These 3 elements on your website WILL convert more people. 100%, zero doubt. If you already have traffic coming to your website, this will help them get in touch.

Just remember to keep it simple.

If you’d like to learn more abouthow you can get more sales from your website, join the Web Architects Club! We’re working on getting you clients before Christmas, in the name of Lockdown 2.0, so have condensed a 6 month programme in to 6 WEEKS to get you clients before the Christmas break.

You in??

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