Your website is a waste of time

I know, I know. 

I’m not going crazy. Honest!

But it’s totally true.


Well, first let me say that I totally get how lucky we are today, with all the tech available at our finger tips. 

Secondly, it’s also a curse.

Firstly, it gives us all a false sense of what we’re able to achieve (I’ve fought trying to be all the things in my business for a while now! An accountant, a social media guru. I’m not those things).

With the likes of YouTube  and GoDaddy, we all think we can build our website ourselves. Which in theory we can. But in theory, I could watch a you tube video and cut my own hair, I won’t though, cause I know it’ll be a shambles. You see what I’m saying?

you can, but does that mean you should?

The thing is with building your own website, is that you build it. Spend weeks and weeks on it… Paining over it, shuffling bits here and there.

And then it does nothing – FOREVER.

So you spend all that time on something. Not really knowing what it entails, or what you’re getting yourself in to when you start (they make it look so easy online! 😪😪)  ending up with something that you’re not happy with. 

And more importantly, doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, which is getting bookings in the diary and cash in your wallet!

So then what?

Then you forget that idea and invest in all the other stuff that the “guru’s” and “ninja’s” are telling you to do this week! 

But that isn’t working either. 

Or if it does, and you do get in front of the people that you want to get in front of (see quote below in pink! ⬇️⬇️⬇️)


And if you’re after working with some of the bigger names out there, the first thing they want to know is

A) can this person handle my business

B) can this person help solve my problem

If you don’t come across right on your website, you wont get the business. Sorry!

I don’t mean in ALLLLL cases, but just from past experience, this has been something that has come up. 

remember, marketing is just getting eyeballs on your business!

Your website (I say it often) only has 2 jobs.

  1. show you as the authority in your niche
  2. help them enquire 

That’s it!

But you do need to know how to get your website to do this…

Cause me saying that, is a lot like a builder saying, “we just need the architectural drawings, and then we just build it” like its easy. 

A lot goes into any build, whether thats a funnel or a website. You’d be surprised. And as someone that spends their days with their head in websites, looking for ways that make them work better for business owners like you. 

If you’d like to know how you can make your website work better for you, then there are lots of ways I can help.

There’s The Architect’s Club, which is basically a DIY “club”, we “meet up” once a week and tackle your website issues, and I show you the tricks of the trade to getting more clients from your website. 

Or there’s Clients on Demand, where I work with you to show you how to get 5 more clients in the next 6 weeks. You can ask me anything!

Or there’s High Ticket Funnels. Where I do the work for you! You can sit back, relax and watch the customers roll in.

Or if you’re looking for something different, Contact me here, or click that little yellow speech bubble on the bottom right of this page.

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