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Do you want a proven method for consistently attracting high quality clients on demand??

Let's face it, the life of being a boss can be hard

The life of an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted.

It takes a certain kind of individual to go it alone. The security of someone paying your wages has gone. And friends don’t always understand the pressures.

Peaks and troughs. Dry months! And brilliant months!!

You go from being an expert at what you do, to having to learn a whole bunch of new skills (not to mention accounting!!)

Suddenly you’re in a place where you’re doubting what you’re worth and being grateful to anyone that stumbles across your website and actually says the magic word “YES”.

And just like that, you can put fuel in the car. 🙂

I’ve been there. I’ve had months where I cry because I’ve given the children beans on toast for 3 days on the bounce.

And before you know it, you’re in this cycle of not charging what you’re worth, and scraping by each month, but working MORE HOURS!!

This isn’t why you went out in to the world of entrepreneurship. You went in to this world to change lives (yours included!)

And you know what the worst thing is...?

what if there was a different way?

a better (easier) way to market your services?

well, i have some good news
- there is a better way!

here's the thing...

In the beginning of your journey, youre not quite sure how to get those paying clients.

“Be consistent” they said, “Show up!” that’s the power.

Showing up?

You give away all your intellectual property in the hope that someone will think you know enough to trust you, and then raise their hand and work with you.

Paying you what you deserve.

But that hasn’t happened. You’ve been showing up for months, years! And still there’s no consistency to your income.

This is time consuming, and for little ROI on your time. Can it be done?

Of course! But by the few, not by the many.

this is my story

My name is Gemma Murphy, and I’ve been here. Just where you are now. I was tired of working every waking hour, being snappy with my 2 small children and having no time to spend with them away from the laptop.

So over the last 3 years I’ve been working on a way to get a system to generate a steady level of clients that I want to work with into my business. A way to stop that time for money exchange. I’ve tested it on my own business and I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them do the same in their businesses.

here's what i've learnt:

Most coaches give away a large chunk of their intellectual property when posting online and on social media. Thinking that this will get them more clients and show that they’re an authority in their sector or niche.

I’ve found that while it does create an element of trust, it also generates a whole bunch of people that want to ‘pick your brain’

While at first you think that this will lead to a paying client, you quickly catch on that that are basically picking your brain and running of with stolen goods (your knowledge!)

This is an antiquated business model, and does absolutely nothing for your business.

And I can’t think of a worse way to get clients. More importantly, there’s no leverage on it. don’t get me wrong, it’s great for your prospect, but what are you getting for all this effort and having your brain ‘picked’?

It’s exhausting and definitely not scalable.

So instead, what I do is help coaches to scrap all of that and develop a model that means that you can pick and choose the people that you want to work 

the rookie mistake:

What many of us do without even realising it, is either, give too much away and overwhelm the prospect or give them just enough not to need us. It’s a lose-lose situation!

well, i have some good news!

Clients on Demand is a system I’ve created to help businesses grow.

Initially I developed it for my own business. I have 2 small children and I was tired of working every waking moment and never being ‘present’ for them. When in fact this whole journey was started FOR THEM.

I found that this system was working well, and I no longer had to deal with time wasters and people wanting to ‘pick my brain’, it filtered out all of that and left me with the giood stuff. The people I want to work with, who want to work with me.

The best bit? It’s a totally repeatable system!

I’ve created something that my clients can buy once and use in their business over and over again.

more importantly than all of that though, YOU GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

And you know what the worst thing is...?

Now, this is just one part of the puzzle. Over the last 3 years while I’ve been working out what works, and what doesn’t, I’ve identified 6 different parts of the process to turn your coaching or consultancy business into a full working model.

If one of the pieces is missing, it’s a bit like the symphony orchestra without the strings section.

The six pieces of the Clients on Demand service are:

this is your exclusive invitation...

So you have a choice…!

You can, of course, try to figure all of this out yourself. Spending weeks ‘Googling’ stuff and experimenting. Hoping for the best!

Or you can work with me and just get it done.

Right now I’m looking for a few more of my dream clients to work with and become my next success stories. If you meet the criteria, we’ll start out by working together on a Clients On Demand Strategy session.

I work with 3 types of clients:

  • Business owner coaches who are ready to scale their business
  • Coaches who are 100% committed to taking action and bettering their future
  • People who have an abundant mindset

If this feels like you, let’s get on a call.

here's how it works...

who is this for?

  • Well, this is for coaches and consultants who are already in business, earning almost 6 figures a year
  • Typically you’re working very long hours serving your clients and you’re at risk of burning out
  • You understand that you need to have some skin in the game and have no problem making a serious investment for the good of your business


You see, I’ll be straight with you, working with me isn’t cheap! But most of my clients get a positive ROI within the first couple of months. And they want to continue working with me further because they get results.

So if this feels like it could be a good fit for you, click below and complete the application form on the next page for a Clients on Demand session

If your application is successful, you’ll find out immediately, then schedule a time directly in my calendar and we’ll get to getting a plan together.

At the end of the Clients on Demand session, if I think we’re a good fit, I’ll invite you to work with me to install the Clients on Demand model in your business. If we’re not a good fit, that’s perfectly OK, we’ll part ways as friends and you’ll still have a fantastic plan to work to.

So go on! Click the button and fill in the application!

The calendar fills up pretty quick and this opportunity is very limited (there’s only one of me – and only so many hours) and the intense work of 1 to 1 sessions. I also don’t invite just anyone to work with me, as I want to make sure my clients get the very best results and make a great ROI!

So, click the button and let’s get your application filled in.

Speak to you soon!