Of course you do!

Well, if I told you that it’s actually not as hard as all the guru’s out there make it. 

Actually, if you have traffic already visiting your website, we can take a simple website and make into something called a “funnel”

You may of heard of this magical word. You might not… 

A funnel is basically a set of website pages, laid out in a specific sequence and layout, designed to create a better return on your website. IE designed to help people BUY from your website.

And also move people through the funnel faster. If you’re not sure what a funnel is, click the word FUNNEL

Isn’t that what we all want?

can i get an "amen"?

I want to help you do just that. 

Benefits of a sales funnel: 

  1. it makes your website more efficient
  2. it makes the sales process reeeeeally easy
  3. it makes you look like a boss
  4. it can provide great customer knowledge
  5. you can track where people drop off
  6. they free you up to do less busy work
  7. they boost sales

So if you’d like to do less work, and earn more cash, a funnel might be the way to go.


just one warning:

Now there are many companies out there that offer this. Some very well known names out there. but one thing I want you to be cautious of out there is this:

Using an external platform to “house” your business online, just like any of the others (facebook/linkedin etc) the content isn’t yours once you hit that publish button.

Neither are your images, or videos, or anything else you choose to put on there.

The same goes for social media and the likes.

So if they decide one day that it isn’t working for them anymore and they want to make a change to the business. You’re the victim to them making a decision about your business that you have no say in.

That is a position I do not ever want to be in, and I don’t want you to be in that position either.

Plus: There’s quite a few of these, strap yourself in… 🙂

Isn’t it better to have your own space? Where you’re in control, future proofing your business?

And isn’t it nice to be able to have your branding and design freedom, rather than the rigid layouts of some of these other developers. They can be so unwelcoming…

Plus the more clicks you get on your website, the better your spot in Google. The same goes for them… So its a long term game here. 

With a funnel on your website, you get the best of both worlds. And you get to build your business longterm. 

what is a funnel?

this is a sales funnel

it’s a sequence of website pages designed to take your customers on a journey through your website. Helping them to either buy, become subscribers or enquire. 

It takes people through the buyers process faster than they would usually go if they went through traditional [digital] marketing methods.

Now that’s cleared up, go back to where you left off (CLICK ME

so what are the 3 funnels that will grow your business??

This is the juicy part! The part that lives up to the title…

So what are the 3 funnels that will grow your business? Well first, I say three, but really you could funnelise [almost] everything on your website and let it run.

You’ll find though that with these three funnels, you’ll be able to use the traffic you already get to your website and maximise profits with it.

Then you can tweak and test as time goes on to really profit from these funnels.

A good idea to help your funnel grow would be to use part of/all the extra income you get from these funnels to help your website appear on Google. That way you again, get more visits to your website and then you earn more again. And the cycle repeats.

funnel one: the lead collector

One of the best ways to increase your income for your business is to generate more of an audience.

You know as well as I do, that marketing as well as skill, more than that, is a numbers game. If you have an amazing message and only 4 people see it, chances of making it big are pretty slim.

If 4,000 people see it though, a much better return for you. Not because your message is better, more people saw it and its just that simple. 

And the bigger your audience you gather, the more you can keep in touch with them when they are ready to buy and the more people you reach. 

Plus, if your audience keeps growing, you keep getting new eyes on your work. This is something to work on continuously…

Always nurturing and welcoming… so that when those people are ready to buy, you’re the one they think of. We don’t move house every week, be there when they’re ready. 

funnel two: appointment booking funnel

Just like we need to continually gather leads, and nurture those connections… We also need to make sure we’re not wasting our time. 

Booking calls is one of the best ways to make sure that we’re not wasting our time when it comes to gathering up connections/leads/audience. 

Part of being a business owner, is being a good sales person. But a lot of us find it really hard to prospect, sell, do the work we’re being paid to do, market our business, do our day to day admin (I could go on here, but you know yourself if you’re a business owner how long this list is!)

So if I told you that we could possibly take something off that list, I bet you’d be interested??? 

Our funnels are built to work with your existing traffic, we sift out the tyre kickers and time wasters, and drops out the people that are ready to buy in your inbox. 

I know that half of my time was taken up trying to book calls, until I brought this into my business. Then I could spend more time on calls, actually converting people than trying to get them on the phone!

It can be as simple or complicated as you like.

I use CALENDLY for my appointment calendar, but there are lots both free and paid on the interent. Just give it a Google.

funnel 3: a high ticket sales funnel

if we’ve warmed your audience up with a webinar, a great way to also up your profile online is to have a premium funnel. 

This funnel will qualify potential clients, sift out the time wasters and  only bring to you the ones that want to work with you. Generally these are for products or services that are £997 and over. 

It preframes your prospect to the higher cost, and makes you look like a BOSS 😉 Because it makes them prove why you should take them on as a client, and not the other way round. You feeling like you need them as a client. 

A high ticket funnel will give you more consistency in sale in your business, but also allow you to sell you product for more. Because it will be seen as worth more. Because the way that we build this funnel is packed with value… it also sifts out all the tyre kickers and you only end up with the details of the QUALIFIED buyers.

This funnel will move people through the funnel faster than other more traditional marketing methods. 

It will allow you to package up your knowledge in a way that doesn’t require you to exchange time for money. So everybody wins. 

You win, because you’re less stressed, your family and friends win, because you have more time. And of course your clients win, because you can teach them better. 

As I’ve mentioned, I hate to use external software when it can be done at “home” on your own property, where you’re in charge and you own the product/content. Basically, you’re in the drivers seat. 

And if you’ve got this far, I hope you see the value in “funnelising” (can I claim that???) your website.

Let’s make it more than just a website – let’s make it work harder for you. 

I can help you do that in a few ways:

🙂 grab a copy of my free book: 5 Things You Can Do This Week To Improve Business

🙂 join my free Facebook group called Clients on Demand

🙂 Join our case study program and learn how you can use our client – getting plans, just send me a message with CASE STUDY and I’ll come back to you

🙂 OR you can get a funnel for your business – RIGHT HERE! 

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