you don’t even need a website!

A website could (and should) be converting web visitors into web enquiries. And if it isn’t somethings a miss and it simply doesn’t work. 

21 reasons to revamp your website in 2021

first: Your website wait first HAPPY NEW YEAR! Then your website. Think of your website as an octopus, (I hope this will help you to see how important your website is…) so you have the head of the octopus, the n there’s the tentacles. They reach out for food and pull the food back to […]

Are your leads drying up?

Top view of modern workplace with office supplies and copy space on yellow and desk

It’s been a hard few months, right? For many of us in many different ways. For some of us it’s been lonliness, for some of us introverts it’s been an overcrowded house. For others its been our businesses, that we’ve worked so hard to build up and sustain, and to get where we are today. […]

how to make it in 2019 – without having to change you

Are you sick of hearing about how to make 2019 ‘the best year EVER’ yet? I am… today is my first full (as full as I get 10.30-2.30) working week, because of school, inset days, childcare etc. trying to work around children is just not the same as quietly sitting at your desk. Sophia likes […]