Are your leads drying up?

It’s been a hard few months, right?

For many of us in many different ways.

For some of us it’s been lonliness, for some of us introverts it’s been an overcrowded house.

For others its been our businesses, that we’ve worked so hard to build up and sustain, and to get where we are today.

But we’re still here. We’re still standing, and we’re proud.

And so we should be!

So today I want to share with you some FREE ways to get more enquiries online.

If your business has been hit by the ‘Global Pandemic’, you’re not alone. And I’m on a bit of a mission to help my fellow solopreneaurs to change and reverse what may of happened to their business over the last 3 months.

And who doesnt want more business, right?

But all of this has made me wonder about how delicate the balance is of the economy…. and how something like this, that none of us could ever of imagined, has happened.

It’s been hard. We’ve all learned a lot. Probably.

So here are a few ways to get some free ‘leads’ (or prospects, whatever you prefer)

1: Make sure you optimise your website pages for sales. Have you ever visited your website? When was the last time you checked it out AS A CUSTOMER?? Have you ever asked your friends to take a look at the site and give you feedback?
Ask them 3 questions:

  1. What do you do?
  2. How do you help people?
  3. Who are you talking to?

If they can answer this then you’re on the right track. Don’t cheat though, it has to be a friend that is clueless about what you do!

2: Find people you can help on social media. When was the last time you dusted off your LinkedIn profile? I get a lot of new customers through LI, and it is a goldmine for small businesses, because there’s a community feel about it. People tend to stick together on there and recommend one another. So get yourself on there, get connecting and let’s get more business. Feel free to connect with me too, here: Gemma’s LinkedIn

3: Post a blog with a freebie or CTA. Do you collect email addresses from potential and existing customers? *hint, you should!* Writing a blog is helpful for many reasons. It builds trust, and it helps with SEO, they’re the 2 big ones. Helping with SEO means more eyeballs on your work, which means more enquiries. Freebies could be a free 15 minute consultation or a download. But emailing potential customers has a average return on investment of £42 return for every £1 spend, when done right. So get collecting!

4: Revisit lost opportunities: ever quoted a job and not got it? Revisit that and see if you could still work together. No harm in getting back in touch.  Get in touch every 6 months, or offer a discovery call, maybe it just wasnt the right time to buy when you last spoke. SO getting in touch now might be the difference.

It’s worked for me many times!

5: Upsell to past clients: Do you have extra services to offer to people that have bought from you before? You know that it’s easier to sell to happy customers than a cold enquiry, right? If people have bought from you before, it’s worth getting in touch every 6 months or so to check in and see how they’re doing. Keep in touch via email and every so often make an offer of one of your products.  

6: embed a meeting scheduler on your website: This will encourage people to get in touch and make life easier for you!

It will first and foremost, save you time. Instead of sending 3 or 4 emails back and forth to set a time in your diaries, this way they book a time that is free (so convenient for you) and good for them. Win-win!

Second there’s no need to chase and try and get the bookings. It’s all done on your website for you. No VA/PA doing the work, no having to pay for something that can be automated easily.


Or you could fast track all of that, and take a look at the service I offer that was created just for businesses that have survived an apocalyptic event.

Just kidding, it has been a royal pain in the arse, let’s face it.

So if you just want a proven and consistent way to get more clients, and you don’t want all the faffing of the above points. You want something put in place quickly, that you know works. Then just take a little look at Clients on Demand and save yourself hassle and headaches.

It’s a system that we put together ONCE and you then sell on repeat until you want to stop.

So pay once, and sell on repeat as and when you need it.

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