you don’t even need a website!

surprised to hear us say that?

You should be – and don’t get used to it. 😉

When I say, “You don’t even need a website”, what I mean is, you don’t need a website that doesn’t do a thing for your business. 

A website that actually converts people is priceless. But a website you buy off GoDaddy or Wix or the likes, is basically something you don’t need to waste your money on. I’ve always said, if your website isn’t making you money (by creating customers etc) then it’s costing you. That could be costing you time, actual money £/$ (my keyboard doesn’t have euros). And its true. A website could (and should) be converting web visitors into web enquiries. And if it isn’t somethings a miss and it simply doesn’t work. 

And I say that from the heart. Don’t waste your time or your money.

If you’ve ever worried about where your next customer is coming from, you should definitely consider your website.  

Bear with me here, and read on…

life as an entrepreneur isn't for the feint of heart...

Peaks and troughs…

Well, your website can be the answer to that problem. It takes some creativity, but it wont cost you anything extra in Google or Facebook ads. Because we’re working with the traffic you already get. 

Most people don’t actually struggle to get traffic. Traffic is one abundant son of a gun… People are online all the time. 

And if you don’t have enough traffic, check out our blog post on traffic and SEO

that has some great tips and tricks for organic SEO, which I love. Who doesn’t love free traffic???

Because most people don't have problems with website traffic, they have problems with converting that traffic.

There are about 40k searches done on Google every single second worldwide… We’re not short on traffic, dude.

There could be a shortage of the ££ it takes to get that traffic, but that’s another post for another day. Today we’re working on what you do have.  And again, preview post on SEO and Traffic here

We can continue to work on increasing traffic as time goes on. 

There’s no point in spending time and money on getting traffic to then increase conversions… it’s upside down! You’d be throwing money in the bin, because the site doesn’t work in the first place. 

you need the most loyal, amazingly amazing sales person in the world.
they go by the name of:

a high converting website

book in a free 30 min call to get you on an action plan to get just that!

you just can’t beat a high converting website or sales page/. It’s as simple as that. 

No sick days.

No time off.

No finishing work at the end of the day.

It’s there for you, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Doesn’t even take Christmas off! It’ there for you, all the time. And the joy of websites is, that if something isn’t working (you won’t get that with us) you can just change it – cause the “paint is never dry” on a website.  

There’s no shame at all in not having the slightest inclination (or interest) in website conversions (or CRO for those in the know 😉 )

And there’s no shame in wanting to cut all of that out and wanting to go straight for the results. Why wouldn’t you?

I’ve done the leg work in this, the testing (the crying! I joke!! some crying…) and now I want to share my work and help you (YES, YOU!) to grow your business with the power of the web. I can help you do this, as I said, I’ve done the tests, run the numbers.

If you already get traffic to your website, you’re on for a winner.  

book in a free 30 min call to get you on an action plan to get just that!

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