SEO: Getting Higher in Google Searches

SEO can feel like a bit of a black art these days, and getting anywhere near page one is an uphill challenge! So if you want to get your website higher in Google searches, take a look at my checklist!

I feel you. I work with it every day, and I’m always researching ways to help my customers have a stronger presence. Sooooo I’ve been reading some blogs and I thought I’d put together a little list of things that could help you to get your website closer to page one, if not there. And if you keep working at it, eventually claiming your place on page one!!

Anyway, the blog I was reading suggests that SEO is now so complex that “…it’s almost impossible to define a narrow set of specific tactics” {Chris Rand of BMON}.

So what I got from the blog {and many more I’ve been reading} is this little list. If you can do this lot, you’ll be well on your way to helping your own website climb up the Google ladder! And let’s face it, we all want to be on the first page, so everyone is fighting for the same spot.

1: Create engaging content {and LOTS of it!}. And use it on lots of different platforms, social media, and there are many to choose from. Choose your top 3 and focus on those. Don’t be everything to everyone.

2: Use a variety of different kinds of media. Not just blogs and social media, but videos and written posts, snippets, meems all of the stuff! Getting higher in Google searches can mean that your other pages appear there too, so remember that!

3: Obviously make sure you have all your ALT & Meta Tags organised and ready to go on the site

4: Think like Google! Google understands generic search terms, so if these feature prominently in your written content, you’re on to a winner!

5: Backlinks are still a great way to get higher up in Google too. So can you partner up with another person that can send people back to your website from theirs (and vice versa)?


Or do you want to just take some information and a free e-book and do some stuff on your website that will help your business all round? From searches to usability..

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6. Make sure you update pages that are performing well. If they’re performing well anyway, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. There’s been a big algorithm change recently and things have changed for a lot of websites. Make sure you stay in Google’s favour by making sure your pages change with the times. This is anything from something simple like updating content on there. And don’t we all favour the most recent posts? I know I always scan for the most recent update anyway. It’s usually got the most relevant information.

There you go, just 6 points to help your website get higher up the Google ladder 😉  and come higher in the searches for your website.

Bonus tip: Have you ever thought about what people type in when they’re looking for the services you offer? Make this one a priority. If Google doesn’t know what you do, how can they show your website to people?

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