Budget friendly ways to market your business

marketing your business feels like a full time job.

You need a budget friendly way to market your business.

It’s a drag, right? If you’re anything like me, social media sucks the life out of you. But it’s something we all need to do if we want people to know our business.

Its probably one of the most budget friendly ways to market your business. BUT if time is tight, well, social might not be the way to go, unless you can get someone else to do it for you. it’s an investment, in time and energy.

Not saying don’t be on social media – social media is essential for business these days.

I’m just saying it isn’t the only way to market your business on a budget. 🥸

Grab a brew, let’s look at ways to get your business seen by your perfect customers and get them to trust and love you! 

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the tips:

1: Do you have a strategic partnership set up? One of the easiest ways to get your business “out there” is to have business that works well alongside yours. So if you’re a tradesman, for example, a plumber. Then you might work really well with a plasterer, or a bathroom fit out company. Think about your connections and see if you can market each others company and also refer work to each other!

2: Create a giveaway. I have a lead magnet freebie download, and it works great. Its a slower process, but works great for businesses to get their name out there. I have a free download on creating a free download right here. It gives you reasons to have a freebie and ways to create one.

3: Have you started a mailing list? Email is one of the best ways to gain trust and market your business, and its one of the most budget friendly ways to to do it! I wrote a blog on it How to get more with emails it’ll help you to speak to more of the people you want to speak to.

4: Be creative in hand outs. I send postcards and people LOVE them. They’re retro and different. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, just be creative. Stand out. 

5: Get your customers to do the talking for you: A great way to get free marketing is to get your customers to praise you on their social media accounts. That way its shared with their audience and yours if they tag you. Free and when someone else is singing your praises, it gives it a bit more umph. You can even offer your clients a bit of a reward for doing it, a freebie of some sort.

6: BLOG: Blogging is a great way to market your business on a budget. It’s usually free, it does take time but the benefits far outweigh all of that. It gives you a Google search boost. It gives people a reason to keep coming back to your website, and its great longform content. Like this page.

7: Go networking: Not an online thing (or it could be?!) but going to a regular networking event can really boost your visibility. I’m a member of BNI and I go to a meeting every week. But it means that I am seeing a group of people, that all know other business owners I may never meet. And they introduce me to them. 

8: Tell us what makes you different from the competition. Because it’s important to know yourself, but its important to share it too. People want to know how you can make their life easier. So make sure you share it.

That there is my best 8 tips. there are of course many more, but I love these ones.

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