Using virtual tools to keep on working

So with marketing, it’s said it’s first to mind, not first to market.

So right now, it’s time to innovate and make sure you’re not hiding away. Stay visible and make it easy for people to stay in touch with you.

So I thought I’d post a few ideas on how to stay in touch, when you’re stuck indoors!

Just a really quick run through of things that might help us allthrough this.

I’m feeling positive, small businesses can adapt and pivot quickly. Now is just the time for that!

So, here are my top tools for working and communicating virtually.

1: of course it’s ZOOM. I use Zoom a lot, even when we’re not quarantined. It’s one of my favourite tools. I am lucky in that I can work with pretty much anyone, anywhere. Which is where Zoom comes in (and the rest of this list).

It’s free, and easy to use. And not quite as glitchy as other well known video calling tools. 🙂

2: Get a good light. (for the Zoom’s!) Being on camera can be a little nerve wracking. I for one, hate it. So I got myself a little white desklight and it makes my face much more appealing! ha ha

I got mine from Amazon. It clips on to your laptop and really, it’s more for you than your viewer. They probably don’t care. But you want to seem confident.

3: I’m new to this one myself, but StreamYard seem quite good for streaming videos and things.

Quite affordable too! You can stream to multiple platforms at once and really help your audience that way.

4: Loom: you can send  a voicemessage much quicker than you type (she says, typing this), and it’s much more personal to send a little voice message or video, people will appreciate the gesture, and it’s one extra touch in getting to know you!

5: YOUR WEBSITE! Obviously I’m going to say this, but while we’re all locked away, this baby is your number 1 selling tool. People can find out all about you, shop through your website, sign up to get your downloads. Everything you need to help ‘woo’ people should be here.

This is where we get to know you. Even if there wasn’t a pandemic looming, this baby should be your priority. It’s where people will go to even if they aren’t in quarantine before they buy.


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