The TRUE Cost of a Bad Website

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A bad website costs you business.

You got a website because you were told you needed one as a small business. And you do! But now…crickets.

It’s basically sat there, doing nothing but costing you for hosting and gathering digital dust. but having your website in order can be your best sales person, a sales person that doesn’t take holidays or sick days, doesn’t have family emergencies and is completely loyal to your business. And they know everything about your business and put you in the nbest light possible.

It can generate sales daily for you, without you having to do anything!

You spent time or money (or both) on your website. Whether you built it yourself or paid someone, you don’t want to have it sat there, just because a friend told you your business needed one. What’s the point?

You want an ROI for your time and money. Of course you do! And that comes in the way of new enquiries coming in through the website.

Small businesses have got it tough enough!

Life can be a lot about looking for the next job or lead. And having as much on autopilot as possible is probably just as important for you.

You may get most of your work through networking and word of mouth referrals, in which case – that’s great! But you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as your potential custoer goes away, you’re getting Googled.

And that there can be the deal breaker.

A website is one of the most effective tools you have at making money online. If not THE best chance that you have at making money. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are just that, platforms. Ones that you should use to get people back on to your own land – your website.

And you SHOULD be getting enquiries through your website at least once a week!

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Don’t build on someone elses land.

You don’t own anything that you put put on these platforms. And the audiences on there that follow you are one algorithm away from being someone elses audience.

So think about it, why keep the conversation going on Instagram when you can move them over to your website and mailing list, where it’s then all in your control.

Simply offering something that your customers value, in return for their email address will make a massive difference to your numbers. No ones interested in your company newsletter, sorry. We get emailed so much cr*p these days that a newsletter about the goings on in your business will just be ignored.

So what if I told you that you could have leads coming in through your website every day?

It’s hard enough marketing, and sending out mailers, and keeping your website up to date, never mind do all the money work that you need to actually do!

Sometimes we’re that busy trying to get work in that we have to find extra time to do client work!

It’s hard.

It isn’t all about how your website looks, although it does have a lot to do with it, there’s no point in having a beautiful site that no one knows how to use, or can find for that matter!

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Investing in your website is really important

It’s the foundation of your online marketing and the centre of everything you do. Do you work from home?

Me too….

And I can tell you, I don’t want people coming to see me for business at my home. So where else are they going to visit you? On social media and your website of course! This is the next best thing to a face to face meeting.

So it makes sense to give the best impression of you that you can. There are simple ways that you can do that, one of the biggest being creating a trusting relationship.

Offering to help, giving advice and showing that you know how to help them.

There are a number of trust factors that your website should have in order to look like someone a new visitor can trust.

Free Download: Here are my top 5 trust factors that I think every website should have.  

Fill in the form with your email and I’ll email the list to you direct so that you never lose it, and you can take time to implement the things you need to do.

Or if you want to skip all that and just dive on to a free chat with me about your website to see if I can help you reach more people and get more business without constantly trawling through Facebook in the hope that someone might see your post and get in touch.

Let me know.

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