Should you put your prices on your website?

Should you put your prices on your website?
I’ve battled with this one myself. And the answer for this one isn’t the same for everyone.

All businesses are unique, everyone has different veiewpoints on this.

One thing I have found though, is that people like to have an idea of what they are buying will cost.

I’ve also found that both works.

But I think people prefer to have an idea on what they’ll be paying. So I personally would have my price on my website.

There are no surprises then.

Another reason is that you wont spend any time with people that can’t afford you.

That isn’t something that we want to be doing… Time is your most valuable asset. Not a commodity. So wasting it on people that can’t afford your services is pointless.

How about, if you’re really struggling with the price thing, why not have a “Prices start at / Prices From” then you’re not totally held to your website prices. A lot of what I offer is bespoke, and so I need flexibility with pricing, and many other coaches and consultants are the same.

This is the best method for me, try it for yourself and see.

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