One Day Funnels

OK, brace yourself.

They said Rome couldn’t be built in a day…

They said websites couldn’t be built in a day.

Now we’re really pushing the limits of time and we’re launching ONE DAY FUNNELS

Before I say anymore though, let me explain what a funnel is and why this is so amazing for your business.

A website funnel—also called a marketing or conversion funnel—is a series of pages and sources that seamlessly work together to guide your visitor to the desired action, creating a conversion.

The idea behind a funnel is that it speeds up the sales process, meaning that instead of nurturing a client for weeks, or months, you’re making small steps over a sequence of web pages and building that client trust. Building it SUPER FAST, cause each small step is another step in trusting you and your business.

You’ve seen it work in the past with ClickFunnels, that shiz works.

But you’re sending people back to their platform, and not your own.


and if there's one thing i preach...

It’s that we bring our customers home. T our home, not letting some external company hold all the cards.

What if ClickFunnels decides tomorrow to shut up shop? Or make it difficult for you to communicate to your clients? 

Or have a Facebook/Instagram meltdown (that isn’t all that rare these days…) 

You’re stuck, thats what.

Because they have all your data. They have all the cards.

With a One Day Funnel, you hold all the cards. You have people coming back to your website (so you get the Google points 😜)

And you’re the one in charge.

not to mention it's done in
one day!!

A one day funnel means that you can start selling your service, take bookings, get email sign ups and basically whatever you want to do in your business done, TOMORROW.

Not in 3 months. 

This week.



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