How we helped Moonchild Yoga get more sales

Moonchild yoga:

Charlotte is my favourite yoga teacher. She approached me because she was working with students and Moon attendee’s for a while now, but hasn’t managed to streamline the meetings, online classes and new sign ups to her growing business. 

She’s been manually sending out zoom links, reminders, and emails to her audience! And I bet she’s been exhausted by it!!

Well, she doesn’t need to do that anymore, we’ve worked with Charlotte to create a simple two-step funnel that allows her potential clients to join her moon ceremonies. 

It books them into the calendar on the correct date (all full moon and new moon dates are pre entered into her calendar), then it automatically reminds them and sends out the correct link at set intervals before the meet up. 

The second step in the funnel is to invite them to Charlotte’s membership (you might wanna join this yourself too – it’s amazing! 👼) 

So we have a great way to continuously fill Charlotte’s diary with potential customers, and that’s what it’s all about, right??? 


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