Case Study – Moonchild Yoga

Moonchild Yoga is a small business based in Manchester. Charlotte the owner, was spending time sending out individual reminders to her yoga clients and classes. She spent time in her evenings sending reminders and sending Zoom links and ushering people into one to one meetings. Instead of spending time with her family, or doing what […]

How we helped Moonchild Yoga get more sales

Moonchild yoga: Charlotte is my favourite yoga teacher. She approached me because she was working with students and Moon attendee’s for a while now, but hasn’t managed to streamline the meetings, online classes and new sign ups to her growing business.  She’s been manually sending out zoom links, reminders, and emails to her audience! And […]

Case Study – Griffith Property

griffith property : Mark Griffith, of Griffith Property is a talented fella that helps you to buy property properly.  We worked together to produce his website from scratch, so no before and after I’m afraid.  This was a really fun project though, because he isn’t of the usual stuffy style of property buyers. 😉 I’m […]

Case Study – Coleman Building

coleman building company: Coleman’s are a talented building company with a fantastic portfolio.  Some of their properties are AMAZING! Go and check them out at their website. Coleman’s hadnt updated their old website for a number of years and it just wasn’t showing their range of work or their amazing skill and attention to detail. […]