Case Study – Moonchild Yoga

Moonchild Yoga is a small business based in Manchester. Charlotte the owner, was spending time sending out individual reminders to her yoga clients and classes. 

She spent time in her evenings sending reminders and sending Zoom links and ushering people into one to one meetings. Instead of spending time with her family, or doing what she loves! It also meant she was missing out on new customers, missing calls. So it was impacting her life from all angles.

Altogether it was about 4 hours per week she spent, just sending out reminders and links and helping people with getting into Zoom.

Altogether, Charlotte worked with me to get a brand new One Day Website, and set up the Selling System to ensure everything runs smoothly within the business and sales.

Previously, she was using different software like Zoom and sharing her MANUALLY through INDIVIDUAL whatsapp messages, plus emailing out to her email marketing list through yet another platform. 

She was missing calls and messages as she was talking to different people through different methods of communication, like Instagram DM’s

Installing the Selling System meant that all messages, whether it was an email or a DM, they come in through the Selling System. 

If someone wants to sign up for a Moon Ceremony or a one to one, now, instead of having to send messages to and from the client, then send the link and reminders, all Charlotte has to do is direct the client to her website, where they can sign u, choose they date they want to attend. And they’ll receive emails, confirming their booking, along with reminders and the link to attend. 

We also then installed a system to allow Charlotte to send out invoices and receive automatic payments. And even send out Google review requests to customers! Which means that she ranks better in search engines like Google, and she has the proof that she does a good job!

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