Do you want more business from your website?

Do you realise the true potential of your website for your business?

Do you understand the power of your website and how it can help your business? There are so many businesses out there today that run online, exclusively!

So what’s stopping your website making a success of your business?

If it’s looking a little dated, or you’re a little ashamed of it, it’s worth taking a look at it and making a plan.

A website can do so much for your business. Not just generate business (there is that!), but also so so much more than just that.

My motto is always, “Fix your website, and you can fix your business” its not always as simple as that, but your website is at the centre of all your digital marketing. Everything you do directs back to the website.

And that’s exactly what you want! What if Facebook or Instagram decide that they will be no more? Look at how people reacted a few weeks ago when they both went down.Never thought to have a conversation with your partner or kids, just check if Facebook is working over and over again, with no joy I might add…

I think I was one of the few that enjoyed the break. Every so often I like to try to take a ‘social media cleanse’ 24 hours totally off.

If I thought I could get away with it and the business could survive without it, I’d do longer.

I’m getting side tracked (again), I’m here to talk to you about my brand new website club.

It’s a 6 week mastermind that is then an ongoing CLUB. Nomembership fees, you’ve already paid. Just knowledge and community.

Want to know more?

are you into fixing stuff yourself?

want to future proof your business?

If I told you that you could do just that?

Your website can indeed make or break your business. It can give credibility and it can take it away. Your website is the first place your new customers go to ‘check you out’.



Your website is SO important for your business, and people make judgements on whether they feel you can helps them based on things like design.

I’ve grabbed a screen shot from another website below which states just how much impact bad design can make to sales through your website. This is from Cornell Studios 

There’s more to web design than imagery. I came from an Interior Design background and we were always taught that if your design doesn’t do the job that it was set out to do (it’s purpose, in this case a website) then no matter how good it looks, the design is still bad (sorry!)

Cornell go on to say, “…it’s important to use strategic layout and design ideas when creating your website to make it as appealing and credible as possible to increase your potential sales.”

So if you want to sell more, make more money from your website, and grow your business, FIX YOUR WEBSITE.

I can show you all my secrets to strategic design, good copy (content) and all my SEO knowledge plus LOOOOOADS more over a short 6 week course.

And what’s better, you will be Club members for life! So as new modules and improvements are added, you’ll get the new content. So as I learn new stuff, so will you.

You can get more info on the Web Architect’s Club page

It goes into more detail and also lets you apply… So go for it – Join the club!


join the club

fix your website - fix your biz

fix your website and your business will prosper. using it in your strategy is your secret weapon. let me help you to grow your business and gain more credibility.

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