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what if I told you you could become self sufficient in building your own website that generates leads for the fraction of the price of hiring a web designer?

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grow your business

This 6 week ourse will do that. It will walk  you through step by step how to get the website your business needs to gain respect and bring you level with the big competition. Because that is the beauty of the web. It allows you to play alongside the big companies.

20 years ago, that wasn’t possible. Now with clever tactics, it’s completely possible, to play and win.

You’ll get lifetime access for £300. After that the price will increase to £695, so get it while you can!

this is for you if:

If you say yes to any of the statements below, then this club is for you!


Does your website really represent you and your business?

You want to design your own website and that’s fine. But your business is your livelyhood, and your website is your reputation.

You need to make sure you communicate in a way your readers understand and showcase your skills, all while displaying it on a medium you’re not used to.

This club will enable you to grow your website with your business. As you develop, so will your site.


If you’ve built your own website, and you’re happy with it. But you’re not getting many visitors, let the club help!

I’ll show you the tricks I’ve picked up that help my customers websites get higher up in Google without the ad costs.

SEO (search engine optimisation) can be a bit of a minefield. I can help to simplify all of that and help you get the basics ready to move you up the ranks in Google and then be ready (if you choose) to start a campaign with an expert.


Have you built your own website? And are you a bit {or a lot} ashamed of your website?

Don’t let your website make you look less professional. A website is your main tool to create trust and help your customers buy.

I’ll teach you how to build a website you can be proud of on this course! Disecting all the ideas of the customer journey and the best practices required to help your customer get in touch with you, you then  help them to buy!


If you’re getting visitors to your website, but you’re not converting them or they’re just not the right people {your ideal client} then you need to speak to me. I can help you solve all of that.

All of the DIY frustrations you are feeling are totally normal. I understand, cause I’ve been there! I started my career in interior design, so although I am from a design background, it isn’t necessaryily web design. I use a lot of my training in interiors for web design.

This course will help you to get the best out of that experience, but I promise I wont blind you with the science.

what you learn

life time access to all of this

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A good foundation is what we need to build on. I always say it, but if we start on a rocky foundation, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Create the goals, and then work on the site.

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I'll supply you with WordPress templates that you can use to make your website work harder for you. This way you can adapt the design to make it work for you, but most of the leg work is done for you.


You've put all this work in to make a beautiful website, but it's useless if no one can find it! Create a list of fans of YOUR business, who are looking for your service and ready to buy.


The essentials of design success and the planning behind it. Simple page structures that work and convert. Video tutorials, hand outs and regular check-ins.

Tired woman working on laptop at home

Learn about who you're writing for. Learn how to write to gain the trust of your visitors and help them buy from you.


Just like anything else, making sure your website is safe and secure is priority. I'll show you how to keep everything locked up safe. Maintain your site, keeping it in tip-top condition too.

what's involved?

As an early bird, you’ll still get all the benefits anyone else would, but you get the course at a cheaper price.

Win-win eh? You’ll get life time access to everything you learn via our login pages and an exclusive Facebook group. I am the queen of motivation, so I’ll keep you motivated no matter what.

It doesn’t matter if you have a website, or who built it. This course will help you get more from your website and it will help your business grow while you’re at it. Who doesn’t want to be self sufficient, right?

I know how impatient I am, and when it’s something as important as your website not looking right, I know how frustrating it can be to have to wait. So I’m helping you do this. If there’s an error, or something is out of date, fix it yourself with confidence!

What you get for £300:

Life Time Access to ALL Modules

I work this club in rounds, and no matter when you join, you get life time access to all modules and the Facebook group.

So you can be sure that as content improves in the club, it improves for you too.

Website Wednesday

I’ve done the courses, got the badges (above, see?), I can help you.

Do you have questions about your website? Anything that’s been on your mind or you want to have your site looked at – let’s do this!

Don’t sit wondering what to do next. Let’s figure it out together.

Regualr Training

Weekly subjects that will help your website grow your business and help your business to give a better image to your customers.

Level the playing field with the big guys and get your business out there in front of your customers, and GET MORE BUSINESS from it. You can do it, you just need a little help.

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It doesn’t matter if you have an existing website built by a developer, this course will help you make your website better. And it’ll help you keep it that way. It’ll get you ahead of the competition too.

You’ll get life time access even as a Beta tester, all I ask is that you answer some questions at the end of the course and give me some feedback.

All this for £300!! It’s unbeatable!