How to get more business from your website – right now!

you may or may not know that recently I appeared on the famous Trisha Lewis Podcast 

To be honest with you, I learned more in this experience than I thought I would, about myself!

Do you ever forget how much you actually know about what you do until you have to talk about it? That is exactly what I did when I spoke to Trisha recently. And every time I’ve spoken to her since actually.

This woman is amazing at what she does. She’s helped me learn so much about myself… So much so that there will be a selection of interviews on websites and how to use them to grow your business, from the angle of SEO and marketing and all the other stuff that goes with it.

So watch this space!

If you want to have a listen to the podcast, click the image or listen here

It’s full of little nuggets about how your website is an asset, not a ‘thing’. Its way more valuable than that.

How’s your website performing at the moment?

Getting sales and enquiries??

This is our latest download, it goes into what your website needs to have on it in order to help you to get more sales.

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