Easy Ways to get your Website Found.

Not getting any leads from Google?

Nothing worse… Your website is the life blood (not an over exaggerationin the slightest!) of your business. It is something we’re all expected to have. Not only that, we’re expected to have an amazing one too. It’s not hard, I can help you easily achieve that, so don’t worry. Get in touch if you want a free 1 hour consultation

Quick #buymystuff there (sorry!)

OK, so you have an existing website? But there’s nothing coming in. No one visiting… *crickets*

I have a list of 5 things that will help your website get found on Google. Here goes:

1) Know who you’re speaking to: If you drill down who you’re trying to sell to, you’re on to a winner. Talk to that customer and your readers will feel like you know them. They’ll know you’re the person for the job. So that’s also getting your content right. But still, know who you want to talk to and go and talk to them!

2) Optimise your website: Google, although massively intelligent is still a robot. It reads words and numbers, it scans billions of websites every day to make sure the right ones are on their searches and the wrong ones are booted off. So as there is a massive amount of competition already online, you need to make sure you’re playing by the rules. Optimising your website is a priority, get this one right and you’re on your way to page one!

Download my website optimisation checklist here:

3) Get links to your website on another website, AKA backlinks. If you can collaborate with someone and get your link on their website, linking back to you, and vice versa you’re helping each other out. Getting people on your website through Google is one thing, but also using your imagination and getting them on to your website through other means is another! Online directories are a great one for this too, Yelp for example.

4) Write a blog. And then share it, and share it! If you write a blog for your business, this is a great excuse to direct people back to your website. So write one, and get it shared on your social media pages to get people on your site. Don’t forget to include links to other pages within your site, as this will help with search engine searches too.

5) Lastly, keywords. Continually update and research your keywords, make sure you’re doing the best you can with them. Think about phrases that your customers might type. i’ve struggled with this one, I use all the web lingo and don’t think about someone who doesn’t work in the industry might search for. Get used to thinking about this and what your ideal customer would write (see point 1)

I hope that helps! If you have any questions, get in touch. Or if you just want a chat, get in touch. I’m always up for chatting about dogs and babies. I have one of each! 🙂

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