do you really need a website?

in short, yes. yes you do need a website.

But I hope [HOPE] you already know that!

you see it all the time.

More so in the pandemic era of the 2020’s (I know, dramatic much – feels like its been a full decade though, right???) when people are setting up their online businesses, left, right and centre. 

We all [most] do the same thing:

1: we decide we’re sick of working for someone else, and so start to plan taking the leap.

2: We chose a name for our business. More often than not it’s in a niche that we’re experienced in already, so we have some industry knowledge

3: We look at designing logos. Choosing a style that we want our business to be in, loosely branded. Fonts, colours, logos etc

4: We look at websites: THE BIGGY. This is where we make our mark. We Google stuff. Realise that there’s more options out there than there is time (as in left on the planet) to go through all the options. So generally we either pick DIY or “ask a friend”. Neither of which generally end well.

5: we build the website ourselves, put our own BLOOD, SWEAT and many [many] TEARS into it (just speaking from experience in the early days) 

6: WE FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!  We leave it there, sat like a forgotten teddy bear, on a shelf. Gathering [digital] dust. Doing nothing.

Just, why?

but why do we forget?

I actually think I already know. We forget about it because it does absolutely ZILCH for the business. It took us all that time to build it, and zapped all our energy, and for what?

A cost each month and a reminder that its doing nothing for us.


But honestly…? It really doesn’t have to be this way. And it shouldn’t! It really bloody shouldn’t.

So yes, easy to decide that we can’t face it anymore, and so we try our hand at good old socials… Social media. Another time and energy zapper. Although we do get a good dopamine hit when people comment and like our content.

Which is why people try it and then keep at it. But does it earn money? IS IT PROFITABLE? 🙂 

Cause if it isn’t, we need to fix it. 

but how can we make your website profitable?

So to be clear, your website is part of the bigger picture. Its a tool in a whole toolbox of your digital marketing. An essential part, like a screwdriver or a hammer. No toolbox should go anywhere without the foundational essentials. 

Your website is the same.

However it really does need to work. (imagine using a blunt screwdriver – drives you crrrrrrrazy, right??!) That’s kind of how a website is, it can either work for you, or it doesn’t and is kind of useless. 

So we need to sharpen the screwdriver [website] or buy a new one, and help it to do its job. Tighten things up and get them working again.

A website is just that, a series of steps that you guide a [potential] customer to make in order to teach them about you and eventually buy.

If you’d like to start a profitable website, why not take a look at our Clients On Demand Programme. A coaching programme to help you get more from your website, guiding you to making more money.

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