Design – Is It Really Necessary?

Design is such a valuable, visual tool in your business.

Everything is designed. From the chair you sit in to the device you are reading this blog on.

Is there anything you can think of that someone has not created and imagined at some stage to make it become a reality?

why design is valuable and why is it a constant battle to justify what people in the creative industries charge. Everything from Marketing to design, right through to content writing, we all struggle to get the price we deserve.

After some research lately, I found that websites are placed highly when it comes to trusting a company. Often that first step in contact or research. A website can be the first step.

I do get on to a bit of a rant in this video, but I think it communicates the value of design well.

What design and do for your business and the endless possibilities it creates!

Design guides your customers, and shows them what they need to do next, whether that is on a website or in a well designed office. It guides, it communicates and it sells.

Do you work in design? Do you struggle to get paid your worth?

Comment and let me know. The list of professions that aren’t valued is endless. And do you know what I’ve discovered from posting this video on LinkedIn? That there are lots of us here, under valued buy pushing on. Take a look at some of the comments here: LinkedIn Post

If you’re struggling to get the money you deserve for your work, let me know. I’d love to hear your story.

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