Care Plans: Do You Need One?

How Much Money Do You Earn From Your Website?

If your website went down today, would your business survive?

At the end of the day, WordPress is software, and software needs updating. A lot like all the apps on your phone. The reason it needs updating is because the update makes it more secure against hackers.

And why would hackers be interested in your website, I hear you ask??

Well for one, your site could just be practice. They could be updating their skills.

Or they could be chancing the fact that they might be able to get your banking details and passwords. They’ll have a password, and an email address, lots of people have the same password for all their apps.

Is this you?

Are you scared to push that update button in case something breaks?

Would you expect to buy a car and then just run it with out services and checks? Or would you go on a diet and not weigh yourself?

No, you wouldn’t {I hope!}

It’s the same with a website. Things need to be updated and secured. It’s a fact of the digital life.

Not only will your website not be secure, things like contact forms wont display at all, and you wont hear from your potential customers.

If customers find something that doesn’t work on your site, they’re not going to contact you and tell you. They’re going to disappear to a website that does work. And sadly you’ll of missed out on a sale you never knew you had!

Look after your best, most loyal worker!

Benefits of maintenance:

Websites are just a one off project, you can’t pay someone to create one and just leave it. Expecting people to find you straight away and for it to stay looking up to date from now on.

Things change, software gets updated and styles evolve. So to keep up with the demands of today’s customers, it’s advisable to update your website regularly.

These updates will help with download speed, page loading speed, WordPress software version (VERY important), plus lots more that I wont bore you with here.

If you want to know more about care plans I offer for your website just click here 

It Costs More to Fix, than it does to Maintain:

If you’ve tried to manage your WordPress website yourself, and some how the website has just changed. It just doesn’t look the same! And what’s worse, you don’t know how to get it back.

If you leave it and don’t update, it doesn’t look right (and you know what I’m always saying about design!), if you don’t update people can’t contact you and they will bounce straight off your site because they can’t see what they want.

You can’t win!

Like almost anything in life, a car, your boiler, your teeth!  They all need the occasional check up and service. If you don’t put them through a service, it will cost you more to fix the problem. The same goes for your website.

If you think you need help with your website care and maintenance, check out our plans here.


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