5 Website Mistakes You’re Making

I see a lot of mistakes on small business websites, but if I listed them all I’d be here for days! And you wouldn’t read it anyways…

It would be dull and if you’re making them, probably a little depressing!

However, as much as I don’t want to mention the dreaded C word – I feel like it’s just feeding the beast to be honest. I do want to say that it’s a really good time to make the most of your website. Because it’s the best possible way to make sure your audience can still get in touch, shop and learn about you.

There are people that I’ve spoken to this week that are starting to struggle, in-person services. Photographers are the main ones I’ve come across, but there are many others.

People that need to be there in order to money.

So I’ve put together some tips that might help you to make the most of your website at this time.

1: It’s not clear:

The clearer you are, the better. Do you know the saying, “The answer to confusion is always NO.”? It’s totally true, especially online. make sure your website is clear, and easy to understand. Don’t confuse people, otherwise, they’ll just go somewhere else and find someone that doesn’t. It’s as simple as that.


Too much information or different subjects is a definite no-no. Try to keep to one subject per page. That way people aren’t overwhelmed and don’t disappear because they think you can’t help them. You have to hold their hand through the whole process.

Keep it simple and concise and you’re on to a winner. If you offer a lot of services, then just have them as separate pages, then you can send people to other pages to view other services through CTA’s. You don’t need everything in one place. It’s worse to do this, not better.

3: Speaking of CTA’s…

How many do you have on your homepage?

Are they easy to understand? Or do they say ‘click here’? It’s so important to help people use your website. Otherwise, they wont. The chances of people trying to figure out how to use your website are slim to none.

4: Are you there?

We are thrown a lot of information online – constantly. So standing out for a small business, or Solopreneur, like yourself, is getting increasingly difficult.

How on earth can you stand out and be in demand?! You can’t be both, not for long anyway! So, what can be more unique than you? What else can you be if not you? Being yourself, and showing YOU in your business is really important. And I’ve recently been implementing little bits of myself into my website recently. If you want to see a cute photo of my dog, Peanut, go to my HOME 🙂

People want to see you, knowing who they’re buying from. And there is no one else like you, Tthat’s what makes you stand out. You, your unique approach to business and life. So show more of yourself on your website, it will do wonders for sales.

5: Collect the deets

Are you collecting people’s email addresses in order to help your website visitors to know-like-truat (KLT) you is mega important.

I’ve said it (many times) before, but emailing potential customers has by far the best return on investment on most other marketing tactics. They say that for every £1 spent, there’s up to a £44 return. Good odds, eh?

So if you’re not collecting your customers and potential customers email addresses then why not?

If you’re a little worried about where to start with any of these, get in touch. I have tons of tips!

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