5 things you need on your website to look like a pro

You want your audience (and your competitors) to view you as professional and capable, right? Well IMPO there are 5 things you need on your website to look like a pro. 

That is, fully capable of helping your potential clients to see that you’re the business for them. Which is really important, and I’ll tell you why…

You know when you comparing two products. They look mostly the same, they sound like they do almost the same kinda thing, but one just has a sleeker design packaging…? You just feel more confident using Asda’s “Extra Special” range than you do their “no frills” range. You expect to pay more and you expect to enjoy it more, and you expect a better outcome all round. 

And yes, there will be [some] better ingredients. But are you the cream of the crop in your industry? I bloody hope so…

And thats why you need better website design.

Another reason, user experience is a real thing, and an important one at that!

If your design isn’t the best experience, or isnt very easy to use, then people aren’t gonna hang around on it. They’ll be off somewhere that is a better experience.

Just saying…

With that, here are 5 simple things you need on your website to look like a pro.

the tips:

1: Keep it simple. Don’t try to add everything on the website, the idea behind your website is to entice people to use a CTA, whether thats signing up to your mailing list, or contacting you through a form… keep all info on there very, very simple. For your sake and your readers!

2: Make sure you use a font that is easy to read. There’s a big trend at the minute for the script fonts. (They look fantastic, I love them!) but they can be really frickin hard to read! And that isn’t what we’re going for here. We’re going for minimal effort for your user. And if they can’t read your website, they’re not going to take any action. So if its part of your brand, great! Just use the font S-P-A-R-I-N-G-L-Y

3: Use a favicon. Please use a favion! I beg of you! If your audience is anything like me (and I’m sure they will be!) they’ll have a million tabs open, and the only way they’ll find your website amongst that mess, is if you have a favicon. This, is a favicon in my badly drawn yellow boxes:

4: Don’t forget the other devices! Don’t forget that people will view your website on a mobile phone, maybe those tablet laptop thingies (an ipad with a keyboard). Try to remember that people use technology in all different kinds of ways. And while we’re on this subject, don’t forget CTA sizes and to cater for chubby fingers! 😲 

5: Mix it up and use large and small images. Larger images can really help your audience get a better understanding of what you do. Pictures are nice to look at and it breaks up all the text on your website. So give it a try, just remember to try to keep the overall size of the image down. You want to ideally be under about 500KB so that it doesn’t slow your load speed down too much!


There’s a lot more to web design than Wix would have you believe. Especially if you want it to work for you! So definitely take on board these tips. But also consider using a professional to help you get the best outcome for your efforts.

If you’re not sure about any of these tips, get in touch. We have websites from as little as £97/month and they come with a full Selling System installed. So if you want to talk about our options for your business hit the whatsapp tab on the bottom right! Or contact us here,

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